UMD Model S183
UMD EFTLink.NET - Unattended Payments SDK

iSelf Series

Unique Micro Design’s (UMD) Model S183 EFTLink.NET Unattended Payments SDK enables the integration of the Commonwealth Bank’s Unattended Payment Terminal, which is based on the Ingenico iSelf Series, with Windows™ .NET framework based application software.
The UMD EFTLink.Net SDK includes consultancy and support services for developers integrating unattended payments with their POS, Kiosk or Vending solution.
As the UMD EFTLink.Net SDK is approved for use with the Commonwealth Bank’s Unattended Payment Terminal, only solution self-testing is required before proceeding to live deployments.

Note: Not suitable for new installations. Contact UMD Sales to discuss current options, or see the alternative UMD SPS and BOS Solutions

  • Simplifies Payment Application integration with the Payment Terminal
  • Payment Application provides user interface and printing
  • No charge nor ongoing licencing fee for the EFTLink.Net SDK!
  • No charge for consultancy and technical support during the integration phase!
  • Contact, contactless and magnetic swipe (fallback) card reading
  • PIN pad
  • Payment Terminal with strict EMV security
  • Merchant does not need to bank with the Commonwealth Bank
  • Payment Terminal is leased from the Bank

Commonwealth Bank EFTPOS Network

The Unattended Payment Terminal is wholly responsible for transacting funds transfer with the Bank. It handles card reading, user PIN entry, communications, encryption and other security features required by the EMV standards.
Communications with the Bank is via IP, either using the mobile communications network or shared Ethernet.

Interfacing with Vending Software

The EFTLink.NET Unattended Payments SDK core is supplied as a .NET library which is referenced by the Payment Application’s .NET project. Fully working reference source code is provided to assist in the understanding and provide hardware testing assurety in the early phases of the integration work.
EFTLink.NET communicates with the Payment Terminal via its serial port.

Value Added Product and Services

UMD offers are range of value added products and services to support and compliment the use of the Unattended Payment Terminal and includes, but not limited to:
  • Kiosk componentry such as:
    • Kiosk Printers
    • Barcode, RFID and NFC readers
    • Panel Mount Touch Screen Computers
    • Vending Machine Controllers
    • Interfaces
  • Cloud based System Monitoring and Applications.
  • Referrals to existing industry kiosk, vending or POS systems and solution suppliers, that incorporate the Unattended Payment Terminal.

Features and Benefits

  • EFTLink.NET is configured via a text file. This simplifies the underlying Payment Application as it reduces setup code.
  • EFTLink.NET uses .NET delegates (callbacks), greatly simplifying the structure of the Payment Application.
  • The Payment Application is responsible for providing the user interface, ie EFTLink.NET does not get in the way via its own window.
  • Using EFTLink.NET lets you concentrate on developing your application and markets.
  • Utilise UMD's EFTPOS experience at no charge, saving time and money whilst giving peace of mind.
  • By becoming an EFTLinkNET integrator, you will enjoy the benefits of our sales lead generation program.
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Unattended Payment Terminal
The Unattended Payment Terminal is directly available from the Commonwealth Bank, by calling 1-800-023-900. You may also arrange this with UMD.
[B] Software Developers Kit (SDK)
The SDK is available from UMD directly by contacting