Simple Payment Service

What is UMD SPS?

The Simple Payment Service (‘SPS’) is a payment platform specifically designed for conducting credit card transactions in a mobile friendly way.

Any Internet connected device, such as a smartphone or web browser, can be used to initiate a credit card payment request by sending a SMS to the Credit Card holder.

Furthermore, SPS supports both direct and pre-authorised payments. With pre-authorised payments, the transaction may also be closed at a different value.

A simple example being: Send a SPS payment request (SMS) to both confirm a booking and pre-authorise the payment. Then close the transaction, at the end of the service, with the actual value (eg. service fee plus parts) without further involvement from the Card Holder.

SPS requires minimal infrastructure to operate:

  • Merchant’s simply require an internet connected device capable of operating a web browser in order to initiate a transaction.
  • Credit Card Holder (CCH) completes the transaction on their own smartphone.
  • An ‘SMS’ text message containing a secure and unique link which allows the ‘CCH’ to conduct their transaction directly with a certified secure and trusted payment serviceprovider without ever exposing their credit card details
Application Program Interface (API's) are also available to enables developers to integrate SPS into their application.


Features and Benefits

For Merchant:

  • No payment terminal required, only a web enabled mobile device or PC with internet connection (fixed or mobile).
  • Merchant only requires a mobile phone number to initiate the payment.
  • The Merchant retains the ‘CCH’ mobile number in case further contact is required or potential for marketing activities. (T&C’s required).
  • Merchant never sees, handles or stores the ‘CCH’ card details mitigating privacy record retention risks.
  • Transactions are securely conducted using the services of a full certified ‘PCI-DSS‘, trusted payment providers (

For Credit Card Holder:

  • Payment utilises the ‘CCH's’ own web enabled smartphone or SIM enabled mobile device
  • ‘CCH’ interacts directly with a certified and trusted payment service provider. (Cardgate.Net)
  • Unique encrypted transaction link allows the ‘CCH’ to securely enter their card details directly with the payment service provider.
  • Once complete the link provides the ‘CCH’ access to their transaction receipt information.
  • ‘CCH’ never reveals their card details to Merchant only a mobile phone number.

Operating Modes

  • SPS can be used to:
    • Directly process credit card payments for a defined amount set by the Merchant.
    • Pre-authorised payments which can be closed at some later stage at some lesser amount.
    • Notify a CCH to process a payment or pre-payment (pre-authorisation) at some future scheduled date.

  • The SPS API (Application Program Interface) version is used to:
    • Integrate SPS payments into software products including Kiosk and Vending machines

No Special Payment Terminal is Required

  • A key feature of SPS is that no special payment terminal is required by the Merchant, as the Merchant does not require the CCH Credit Card, only their Smartphone mobile phone number.
  • The CCH enter their own Credit Card details on their own secure Smartphone.
  • This also means that any Internet connected mobile device can be used to process credit card payments.

Who Would Use SPS?

  • Any field services / sales organisation that needs to take payments out in the field.
  • Any Merchants that takes bookings. SPS can be used obtain pre-payments before the service is delivered.
  • Mail Order/Telephone Order (Moto) Merchants, only need to collect mobile phone numbers to facilitate payments.
  • Any Merchants that have any unknown variable transaction that cannot be processed until the end of the transaction.

Minimise Risk

  • By using UMD.SPS the merchant is able to reduce the potential risk of non-payment associated with the advanced preparation of goods and services e.g. phone orders.
  • Pre-authorisation means, the Merchant is able to validate and reserve payment, prior to preparing or delivering goods and services to the Cardholder.
  • For variable amounts Merchants can finalise the transaction, once the full details are known, without further friction to the Cardholder.
  • ‘SPS’ also helps to reduce the risk to the cardholder by using the cardholder’s own smart device and preventing their details being exposed.
  • The smart device connects to an independent security certified payment service provider (merchant never sees the Credit Card)
  • The cardholder’s details are optionally stored on their own personal device. e.g. e-wallets for future transactions.


  • The purpose of UMD.SPS is to:
    • Reduce the risk of non-payments for goods and service prepared in advance by a merchant.
    • Remove the need for a separate certified payment terminal.
    • Support the trend in the financial payment market, towards "B.Y.O. Device".
    • The Simply Payment Service ‘SPS’ is designed to utilise existing, trusted and reliable infrastructure to conduct the payment over.
    • While the SPS system utilises the cardholder's own smart phone, it does not require the cardholder to download and install any specialised application on to their device.
    • Rather it utilise in built applications such as web browser, SMS messaging & password vault.


  • The technology implemented for UMD.SPS allows the merchant to either:
    • Operate the system on basic infrastructure completely independently from a POS system, or
    • Integrated the UMD.SPS directly into the POS depending on their requirements.
  • UMD.SPS comprises of the following components:
    • The SPS cloud service which provides the business logic and web portals for the merchant to enter transaction details.
    • Payment Service Provider for secure credit card transaction processing
    • A merchant Facility with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (note you do not need to bank with the CBA), &
    • An Optional Electronic Voucher Terminals ('EVT') for stand alone operation or seamless integration into a POS System.

Electronic Voucher Terminal

  • An optional, Wifi based, Electronic Voucher Terminal (EVT) can be used to:
    • Operate stand alone to initiate transactions by simply entering the Customers mobile phone number and transaction amount.
    • Enter the final transaction amount for variable amount transactions
    • Enter Customer Validation Codes.
      • SPS can be used to issue a Customer Validation Code which is used to validate the Customer on pickup
  • When interface to a POS system, the EVT can transfer transaction data to the POS system in a seamless way without any POS software changes
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Merchant System Configuration and Setup
AP-BOS-SPS-101-CPE BOS/Simple Payment Service - Configuration & Setup $429.00 P
[B] Merchant Transaction Fees
SP-BOS-SPS-101-TPM BOS/Simple Payment Service - Transaction per Payment (billed monthly) $0.55 S
Minimum charge: 40 transactions per month. Transactions can come from any BOS or SPS functions.
[C] SMS Charge Above Allowance
SV-UWS-SMS-101-TMM UMD Web Services - SMS transactions per month $0.17 T
Allowance = 1.2 x Number of Payments Processed
[D] Notes
Fee covers, software as a service, hosting, SPS credit card transaction processing and SMS
Services invoice in arrears.