Impinj Antenna Hub
Fixed UHF RFID Reader/Writer

The Impinj Speedway Antenna Hub provides a low-cost opportunity to drive many antennas from a single fixed RAIN RFID reader. Connect up to 32 antennas to a single Speedway R420 reader with 4 Antenna Hub's connected through the GPIO Module.

The Speedway Antenna Hub solution makes RAIN RFID monitoring applications requiring many antennas, including large contiguous read zones and smart shelves, cost-effective and easy to deploy.


  • UHF RFID fixed mount antenna expansion Hub - upto 32 Antenna's supported
  • Cost Effective
  • Simple to Scale
  • Easy to Install
  • 12 Month Return to Base Warranty


Speedway Antenna Hub GPIO Adaptor for Antenna Hub
Physical Characteristics
Height 61 mm 61 mm
Width 102 mm 92 mm
Depth 24 mm 24 mm
Weight 100g 80g
Enclosure Folded Steel, with 2x 6mm mounting holes
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -20C to 50C
Storage Temperature -20C to 50C
Humidity 5 to 95% Non-Condensing
Ingress Protection IP52
Power Input 5V 5V
Power Consumption 25mA, supplied through GPIO Adaptor 5mA, from Speedway Reader
Antenna Setup
Frequency Range (Australia) 920-926MHz (4W EIRP) -
Antenna Port Numbering 1-32 on Antenna Hubs
1, 9, 17, 25 on native reader ports
Power Output Max Input Power: 34 dBm
Insertion Loss: 1.3 dB Typical
Isolation: 36 dB Typical
Return Loss: 24 dBm Typical
Antenna Hub Switching Speed: <200 s based on hardware design
Device Switching Speed: ~25ms
Cabling RF cable maximum length: Depends on environment/region, typical 1/2 dB per meter signal lossDigital cable (Cat5) for control, maximum length: 300 ft (100 m) if shielded, 100 ft (30 m) if unshieldedHD-15: 1 ft cable for SpeedwayGPIO port included, Custom HD-15 can be manufactured up to 100ft (30 m) max
Connectors 8 x RF Outputs - SMA Jack (female)
1 x RF Input - SMA Jack (female)
1 x Digital I/O - RJ45
1 x GPIO Input HD15
4 x Digital I/O RJ45
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] GPIO Adapter for Speedway Antenna Hub (Mux)
IPJ-A6051-000 IPJ-GPIO-4 GPIO Adapter for Antenna Hub $737.00 C3
GPIO Adapter to Hub Cable (RJ45)
2-6073-005-7 CA6073-0.5 Modular Patch RJ45 - 0.5m (Blue) $3.30 A
2-6073-010-5 CA6073-1 Modular Patch RJ45 - 1m (Blue) $2.20 A
2-6073-020-1 CA6073-2 Modular Patch RJ45 - 2m (Blue) $4.40 A
2-6073-030-3 CA6073-3 Modular Patch RJ45 - 3 (Blue) $4.40 A
2-6073-050-1 CA6073-5 Modular Patch RJ45 - 5m (Blue) $5.50 A
[B] Speedway Antenna Hub 1 x RF Input to 8 X RF Output
Antenna Cable - Impinj Reader to Hub/Mux
2-9003-010-7 CA9003-1 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA - RevP TNC 1m $146.30 U
2-9003-020-4 CA9003-2 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA - RevP TNC 2m $59.40 U
2-9003-030-5 CA9003-3 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA - RevP TNC 3m $150.70 U
2-9003-040-9 CA9003-4 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA - RevP TNC 4m $88.00 U
2-9003-050-1 CA9003-5 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA - RevP TNC 5m $155.10 U
2-9003-060-0 CA9003-6 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA - RevP TNC 6m $116.60 U
2-9003-080-2 CA9003-8 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA - RevP TNC 8m $127.60 U
Antenna Cable - Hub/Mux to Antenna with SMA Jack (F)
2-9022-010-2 CA9022-1 Coax Cable, RG316, SMA Plug/SMA Plug $53.90 A
2-9022-030-0 CA9022-3 Coax Cable, RG316, SMA Plug/SMA Plug -3m $80.30 A
2-9022-050-8 CA9022-5 Coax Cable, RG316, SMA Plug/SMA Plug -5m USE 2-9019 $144.10 A
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