Custom Cables - Co-Ax

UMD offers Manufacturing and Assembly Services in the custom assembly of Coaxial Cable Assemblies.

This page provides details on only the most common custom co-ax cables assembled by UMD.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Step 1 - Select Coax Cable & Specify Length
2-3000-030-6 RG58LL Cable, COAX, 5.1mm, 50ohm, Low Loss $2.09 A
2-3000-010-8 RG8 (LMR400) Cable, COAX, 10.3mm, 50ohm $8.91 A
[B] Step 2 - Select Connector. One for each end.
For RG58 Coax Cable
1-0320-002-4 N-P-L-58-C N type, Line Plug, RG58 Crimp $7.70 A
1-0320-003-1 N-J-L-58-C N type, Line Jack, RG58 Crimp $7.92 A
1-0320-012-3 N-P/RG-L-58-C N type, Line Plug, RevPol, RG58 $23.98 A
1-0320-011-6 N-J/RG-L-58-C N type, Line Jack, RevPol, RG58 $11.77 A
1-0323-007-6 TNC-P-L-58-C TNC Line Plug, RG58, Cimp $7.48 A
1-0323-004-5 TNC-J-L-58-C TNC Line Jack, RG58, Crimp pin $7.48 A
1-0323-002-1 TNC-P/RG-L-58-C TNC Line Plug, RevPol, RG58 crimp $11.00 A
1-0323-006-9 TNC-J/RG-L-58-C TNC Line Jack, RevPol, RG58 Cimp $7.59 A
1-0322-002-2 SMA-P-L-58-C SMA Line Plug, RG58, Crimp (male) $4.40 A
1-0322-004-6 SMA-J-L-58-C SMA Line Jack, RG58, Crimp (female) $6.38 A
1-0322-001-5 SMA-P/RG-L-58-C SMA Line Plug, RevPol, RG58, Crimp $12.43 A
1-0322-007-7 SMA-J/RG-L-58-C SMA Line Jack, RevPol, RG58, Crimp $12.43 A
For RG8 (LMR400/CNT400) Coax Cable
1-0320-004-8 N-P-L-400-CSF N type, Line Plug, LMR400 spring finger contact crimpt out $12.43 A
1-0320-005-5 N-J-L-400-CSF N type, Line Jack, LMR400 spring finger contact $9.02 A
1-0320-010-9 N-P/RG-L-400-C N type, Line Plug, RevPol, LMR400 $20.24 A
1-0323-003-8 TNC-P-L-400-S TNC Line Plug, LMR400 solder pin $7.48 A
1-0323-001-4 TNC-P/RG-L-400-S TNC Line Plug, RevPol, LMR400 solder pin $10.01 A
1-0323-005-2 TNC-J/RG-L-400-S TNC Line Jack, RevePol, LMR400 Solder $7.48 A
1-0322-003-9 SMA-P-L-400-C SMA Line Plug, LMR400, Crimp $12.43 A
1-0322-005-3 SMA-J-L-400-C SMA Line Jack, LMR400, Crimp $12.43 A
1-0322-006-0 SMA-P/RG-L-400-C SMA Line Plug, RevPol, LMR400, Crimp $12.43 A
1-0322-008-4 SMA-J/RG-L-400-C SMA Line Jack, RevPol, LMR400 $12.43 A
[C] Step 3 - Selection Production Assembly Service
8-9030-200-0 Production Service Custom Coax Cable Assembly $66.00 P
[D] Step 4 - Advise UMD Sales
Simply send order in writing to Please include UMD Part Numbers and Quantities.
[E] Notes
RG=Reverse Gender, P=Plug (Male), J=Jack (female), L=Line, C=Crimp Pin, S=Solder Pin
Also see Antenna, Hardware and Cable Assemblies for standard length cables.