Access Control

Unique Micro Design (UMD) Access Control system provides you with a comprehensive solution and better support for Venues and Events. Ensuring patrons are well looked after while providing sponsors an effective point of difference.

There are a few different ways our Venue Attractions & Service Ticketing Cloud Service (UMD VAST™) can be implemented, such as turnstiles or other access control devices – etc: portable handhelds. Each ticket has a readable ID which is assigned to an one ticket holder, each ID has a list of permissions defined by its access class that indicates what areas the ticket holder can access.

The information is provided in real-time by Leveraging IoT (Internet of Things) technology and the use of lightweight infrastructure.

UMD VAST™ can be easily integrated into any Point Of Service systems in an agnostic way (i.e. without requiring any POS systems software changes).

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Venue Access Control

Unique Micro Designs' VAST (UMD VAST™) is a cloud based platform that provides events and venues such as entertainment complexes, football stadiums and racecourses with a scalable and flexible patron access control solution.

VAST-NG™ follows from the original Venue Access Systems for Turnstiles (VAST), originally developed as an on-premises server based system.

It provides venues their own access control infrastructure, independent of ticketing providers.

It also provides other benefits such as enhanced reporting, monitoring, control and integration to other sub-systems.