Zebra Silverline II Solution
On-Metal RFID Asset Labels

Zebra's Silverline Solution is ideal for on-demand RFID asset tagging for all surfaces, including metal and liquid-filled containers. The benefits of RFID are well known in industries from manufacturing and retail to transportation and healthcare. RFID systems—labels, printers and readers—enable inventory and equipment tracking in real time, helping you make maximum use of virtually all your assets.

There has been one glaring gap in RFID asset tagging. RFID read performance deteriorates significantly when a traditional RFID label is applied to a metal surface, or to a liquid-filled asset. This limits the use of RFID technology for tracking valuable assets like tools, automotive and machine parts, IT equipment, returnable containers, medical devices and equipment and liquid filled containers.

To produce an effective read range when applied to these type of surfaces, the tags must be slightly thicker than traditional RFID labels, making them incompatible with standard thermal RFID printers. Zebra and Confidex have partnered to release the first available solution for printing and encoding on-demand RFID labels for all your metal and liquid-filled assets.

Zebra and Confidex have worked together to develop this unique solution consisting of a redesigned ZT410 RFID printer, optimized Silverline labels and high quality Zebra ribbons. This combination provides for excellent print quality, encoding accuracy and ease of solution deployment. Silverline labels, offered exclusively by Zebra, are available in different sizes to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.


  • Total Solution: Silverline RFID tags and Zebra ZT410 Silverline printer
  • Provides RFID labels that work directly on all surfaces
  • Print and encodes labels for metal and liquid-filled assets
  • Available in different sizes
  • Read range of up to 5m
  • Reliable, flexible and scalable


ProductSilverline Classic II
Silverline Micro II
Silverline Slim II
Silverline Blade II
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions100 mm x 40mm x 1.3mm45 mm x 13mm x 1.3mm100 mm x 13mm x 1.3mm60 mm x 25mm x 1.4mm
Tags per Roll250600600400
Tag MaterialPrintable white PET
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-35 - 85°C
Peak Temperature110°C, 10 Minutes
Water ProtectionGood, tested 5 hours in 1m deep water (IP68)
Washing ResistanceTolerates industrial washing with standard solvents
(Washing process should be tested in final application)
Chemical ResistanceNo physical or performance changes in:
- 168h Salt water (salinity 10%) exposure
- 168h Motor oil exposure
- 1/2h NaOH (10%, pH 13) exposure
- 2h Sulfuric acid (10%, pH 2) exposure
- Wiping with Acetone
No physical or performance changes in:
- 168h Salt water (salinity 10%) exposure
- 168h Motor oil exposure
- 2h NaOH (10%, pH 13) exposure
- 168h Sulfuric acid (10%, pH 2) exposure
- Acetone Should be avoided
Storage Conditions1 year in +20°C / 50% RH (shelf life for adhesive)
Communication Characteristics
Operating Frequency902 MHz - 928 MHz (FCC)
Chip TypeImpinj M730
(EPC 128 bit)
(EPC 96/128 bit, User 64/32 bit)
(EPC 96/128 bit, User 64/32 bit)
Impinj M730
(EPC 128 bit)
Read Distance(2W ERP)Up to 15m On Metal
Upto 9m on Plastic
Upto 10m on Liquid
Up to 3.5 On Metal
Upto 1.5m on Plastic
Uptp 2m on Liquid
Up to 7 On Metal
Upto 8m on Plastic
Uptp 2m on Liquid
Up to 10 On Metal
Upto 5m on Plastic
Uptp 4m on Liquid

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Zebra Silverline II Series
Classic II:
10026770 LRM100x40PE-M730-AF250 ZEBRA LABEL PLAIN PERM 100X40 250/R 76MM RFID $499.40 A2
10026770/1 ZEBRA LABEL PLAIN PERM 100X40 76MM RFID - EACH $3.08 A2
Micro II:
10026764 LRM45x13PE-M6RP-AH600 ZEBRA LABEL POLY-TT PERM 45X13 600/R 76MM RFID $533.50 A2
10026764/1 ZEBRA LABEL POLY-TT PERM 45X13, Each 76MM RFID $2.20 A2
Slim II:
10026766 LRM100x13PE-M6RP-AH600 ZEBRA LABEL POLY-TT PERM 100X13 600/R 76MM RFID $730.40 A2
Blade II:
10026768 LRM60X25PE-M730-AH400 ZEBRA LABEL POLY-TT PERM 60X25 400/R 76MM RFID/FCC $640.20 A2
[B] Recommended Ribbon
05095BK11045 R110x450R-5095BK ZEBRA RIBBON RESIN 110X450 T/TOP 5095 $143.00 A2