Zebra Dimensioning

If your challenge is capturing accurate parcel dimensions as parcels move in and through your shipping workflows, your solution is Zebra Dimensioning™ - Certified Mobile Parcel and Mobile Parcel.

Zebra Dimensioning creates two industry first international Weights and Measures certified dimensioning solutions using Zebra handheld mobile computers. For the first time, enable accurate parcel dimensioning and calculation of shipping charges whenever a parcel enters a home or business. Cover a variety of departments including Operations, Finance, Warehouse and Transportation, IT and Customer Service.

Leverage the integrated Time of Flight (ToF) depth camera for high performance in multiple environments for indoor and outdoor use. Workers simply point the red aiming dot at the parcel and press the dimensioning button to obtain parcel dimensions. Capture boxes in any lighting, ranging from plain, wrapped or printed with graphics. Simply, place the box on a counter or on the ground and aim at the top surface. Heavy boxes can be dimensioned instantly to prevent employee injury or moving a box over to a fixed dimensioner. Ensure shipping charges are accurate when they are unloaded and instantly compare the proper dimensions with those provided by the customer.

Zebra Devices

Zebra Dimensioning is offered with the TC53/58 and TC73/78 families featuring two premium categories. The Certified Premium and Premium SKU models create industry firsts while maintaining all TC5X and TC7X device functionalities. The factory ready complete solution provides the Zebra Dimensioning Service, Time of Flight sensor and perpetual licence right out of the box. Simply use the API to easily integrate to backend enterprise systems.
Eliminate snap on accessories, two piece solutions and fixed dimensioners with the only integrated single device mobile solution that seamlessly transitions between Mobile Parcel and other enterprise requirements. For product details, visit TC53/TC58

Certified Mobile Parcel
Certified Mobile Parcel built for Zebra mobile devices captures accurate parcel dimensions, certified as legal for trade at the point of parcel pickup. Currently approved in Australia by NMI (National Measurement Institute) under NMI P106 and NMI R129. International certifications include MBIE, NTEP, OIML and MC. With Zebra Mobile Dimensioning, remove dependency from manual tape measure to automatically capture accurate dimensions ready for trade. Target markets include parcel pickup from retail stores, homes and businesses plus automated sorting hubs.

Mobile Parcel
Mobile Parcel streamlines warehouse and fleet operations for incoming parcels and floor space requirements. This cost effective option aids picking to determine the most efficient delivery service and packaging options as well as proper allocation of warehouse space. This software has no regulatory rounding requirements, returning values rounded to 1 decimal place. It includes access to demo application software and APIs for integration. Target markets include warehouses and depots, pickers and packers, vehicle fleets plus automated sorting hubs.

Overcome the pain points of billing inaccuracies and warehouse optimisation to recapture lost revenue and ensure proper warehouse space utilisation. Management no longer needs to allocate more workers and vehicles to handle the increasing volume of parcels. Improve workforce productivity to enable processing of more parcels daily and increase the value gained from the ROI of Zebra devices. Create an easy to deploy, cost effective solution that requires minimal training and simplifies daily processes.

UMD Value Added can integrate Zebra Mobile Dimensioning into existing backend enterprise systems. Contact Sales for distribution and integration requirements.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Zebra TC53 / TC58 with Certified Mobile Parcel
TC58B1-3T1K6E2A8E-A6 ZEBRA PDT TC58 2D 8/128 5G AD/GMS CERT PARCEL DIM $5,720.00 C2
[B] Zebra TC53 / TC58 with Mobile Parcel
TC5301-0T1K6E200A-A6 ZEBRA PDT TC53-PREM 2D-AR 8/128 WLAN AD/GMS $4,290.00 C2
TC58B1-3T1K6E2A8A-A6 ZEBRA PDT TC58-PREM 2D-AR 8/128 5G AD/GMS $4,565.00 C2
[C] Zebra TC73 / TC78 with Certified Mobile Parcel
TC78B1-3T1K6E2A8E-A6 ZEBRA PDT TC78 2D 8/128 CAM 5G AD/GMS CERT-PARCEL $6,127.00 C2
[D] Zebra TC73 / TC78 with Mobile Parcel
TC7301-0T1K6E200A-A6 ZEBRA PDT TC73 PREM 2D-SE55 8/128 CAM WLAN AD/GMS $5,159.00 C3
TC78B1-3T1K6E2A8A-A6 ZEBRA PDT TC78 PREM 2D-SE55 8/128 CAM 5G AD/GMS $5,599.00 C3
Note Non-Certified are not upgradeable to Certified