XERAFY Xplorer

Xerafy’s Xplorer is constructed with high-strength steel and Victrex PEEK polymer and is produced by advanced manufacturing techniques to withstand sustained high-temperature, high-pressure (HTHP) conditions, severe vibrations, chemical resistance and extreme wear.

Designed for use in downhole environments where pressure reaches 30,000 psi, temperatures reach 200°C, and job sites often require various drilling mud and cement, H2S gas and all kinds of corrosive liquids the Xplorer can both provide rapid identification and support automated data management of pipes and tubular components. This is now essential for rig operations, inspection services, storage yards and the transportation sector where regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent.

From manufacturing to storage and from construction to production, the Xplorer enables a cost effective means to automate asset management from cradle to grave, retrieving information such as product specifications and maintenance history as well as store ongoing usage information such as inspection / testing and cumulative exposure time and depth records.

The Xplorer RFID tag is designed to for quick “snap in” attachment that is secure and will not become loose during downhole operation for the life of the tool.


  • EPCglobal Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C standard
  • Survives continuous and simultaneous high temperatures, extreme pressure and severe vibrations
  • Quick and secure “snap in” attachment
  • Up to 1.5m read range
  • Withstands sandblasting and high pressure wash downs
  • Facilitates compliance to procedures and compliances set forth by HSSE guidelines.
  • Downhole and Surface Drill Pipes
  • Sub-sea Oil Pipes
  • BOPs and Wellheads


Physical Characteristics
DimensionsØ 28.3 mm x 28.5 mm
Case MaterialHigh-Strength Steel
MountingQuick "snap in" attachment to predrilled hole
Remains secure during operation and throughout the pipe lifecycle
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-40°C to 85°C
Application Temperature-50°C to 250°C
IP ClassificationIP69K
Chemical ResistanceWithstands drilling fluids and hydraulic fluids including hydrogen sulphide
Pressure Resistance30,000psi (206 MPa)
Tag Characteristics
Operating Frequency Range902 MHz - 928 MHz, or 866 MHz - 868 MHz (EU)
Memory Configuration64-bit TID; 96-EPC bits, User 512 bits
Read RangeUpto 2m (2W ERP, 50mm embedded), 4m (2W ERP) off metal, 1.5m in metal
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
X1115-US101-H3 ROSWELL Downhole Xerafy, Roswell Doanhole, UHF RFID Tag 28.3(d0)x8.5mm, Extreme Conditions, High Performance Adhesive, H3 $87.78 A6