XERAFY Metal Skin Series
Smart UHF RFID labels

The Xerafy METAL SKIN series are Smart RFID labels for tracking that are printable, and encodable for superior performance on and off metal.

These RFID stickers are engineered to offer a rugged labeling solution, optimized for metal and plastic surfaces, enabling maximum flexibility in the deployment of complex tracking systems.

The Mercury Metal Skin is a high-performance UHF RFID label that works on and off metal. It is optimized for on-site printing and encoding thanks to its lightweight, flexible, and low-profile design. The RFID sticker's large printable area makes it an ideal solution for asset tracking systems that deploy RF identification alongside human and computer-readable information like barcodes and graphics.

The Delta Metal Skin is the most flexible on-metal UHF RFID label and delivers a read range of 5 meters. The printable RFID sticker comes with a high-performance adhesive for maximum durability on curved surfaces.

The Platinum Metal Skin offers a market-leading UHF RFID read range. Its superior design delivers industry-grade visibility, thanks to its thinnest profile, high-performance adhesive, and printable laminated material.

The Titanium Metal Skin is the smallest printable UHF RFID label. Working both On-Metal and Off, its industry-strength adhesive brings a cost-effective RFID tracking solution for a wide range of applications from IT assets to product authentication, high-value items, and medical supplies.


  • High performance RFID on and off metal label tags
  • Passive UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2
  • Printable
  • RoHS compliant


Mercury Metal Skin

Delta Metal Skin

Platinum Metal Skin

Titanium Metal Skin
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions101.6 x 38 x 1.0 mm18 x 20 x 1.0 mm58.5 x 19 x 1.0 mm45 x 5.6 x 1.0 mm
Face MaterialWhite thermal transfer face stockWhite thermal transfer face stockWhite thermal transfer face stockWhite thermal transfer face stock
Mounting3M467MP adhesiveHigh Performance AdhesiveHigh Performance AdhesiveHigh Performance Adhesive
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-40to 85C-20to 85C-40to 85C-40to 85C
Survival Temperature-40to 85C-20to 85C-40to 85C-40to 85C
Printer CompatibilitySato CL4NX Plus
Postek TX2r/3r/6r
-Sato CL4NX Plus
Sato CL4NX Plus
Compression Strength92 psi (634 kPa)N/A14 psi (97 kPa)58 psi (400 kPa)
Shock (Drop)1 m to Concrete/GraniteN/A1 m to Concrete/Granite1 m to Concrete/Granite
Chip Characteristics
IC TypeNXP Ucode 9Impinj Monza R6-PNXP UCODE 9NXP UCODE 9
Operating Frequency Range902 MHz - 928 MHz902 MHz - 928 MHz902 MHz - 928 MHz902 MHz - 960 MHz
Memory Configuration96-EPC bits; 96 TID bits;96/128-EPC bits; 48 TID bits; 64/32 user memory bits96-EPC bits; 96 TID bits;96-EPC bits; 96 TID bits;
Read Range On MetalUpto 8mUpto 4.5mUpto 5mUpto 2.5m
Read Range Off MetalUpto 6mUpto 2.5mUpto 2mUpto 1m
Suggested Applications
Warehouse Management
RTI Management
Manufacturing WIP
Data Center Automation
IT Assets Inventory
Medical Supplies
IT Assets Inventory
Transportation and Logistics
Construction Tools
Industrial Supply Chain
RTI Management
Warehouse Automation
Automated Inventory
Product authentication
IT asset and laptop tracking
Radio and mobile equipment
Foil-based packaging tracking
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] XERAFY Metal Skin Series UHF RFID Label Tags
X51A0-US100-U9 LM102x38-M4 Xerafy, Mecury Metal Skin, UHF RFID Label, 01.6x38x0.76 mm, TT Stock, High Temp Adhesive, U9 $2.20 A6
X8020-US100-R6P LM80x20-R6P Xerafy, Delta Metal Skin, UHF RFID Label, 80x20x1.0 mm, TT Stock, High Temp Adhesive, R6-P $2.64 A6
X50A3-US011-U9 LM59.5x19-R6P Xerafy, Platinum Metal Skin, UHF RFID Label, 58.5x19x1.1, TT Stock, High Temp Adhesive, U9 $1.87 A6
X5220-US100-U9 LM45x6-M5 Xerafy, Titanium Metal Skin, UHF RFID Label, 45x5.6x1 mm, TT Stock, High Temp Adhesive, U9 $1.76 A6