XERAFY - Autoclavable Tags

The Xerafy Autoclavable passive on-metal RFID tags offer extreme durability in hazardous environments for use in autoclaves. Autoclavable tags are qualified to survive rigorous sterilisation cycles from heat, gas, fluids and chemicals. The embeddable RFID tags are engineered to make full use of metal assets to increase its RF performance.

Quick and convenient rugged mounting options include rivets, screws, welding and embedding. Perform in the most challenging operations including construction, mining, manufacturing and healthcare.

The Xerafy Roswell is an industry first, using only its stainless steel interior as its antenna. This innovative design prevents the risk of tag failure from high impacts and vibrations to ensure reliability and direct attachment to metal surfaces.

The Xerafy Gamma RFID label is manufactured to withstand e-beam and gamma sterilisation applications. Its low profile is flexible for a wide variety of plastic, flat and curved components. Two size options are available to incorporate human readable printing, barcodes and graphics. The 3m read range makes the Gamma labels ideally suited for healthcare, pharmaceutical and food applications.


  • Autoclave proof: withstand cleaning and sterilisation cycles
  • Lightweight with a slim profile
  • Rugged mounting options for quick attachment and removal
  • Chemical corrosion resistance
  • Gamma Label for off-metal applications
  • Withstand e-beam and gamma sterilisation


Autoclavable Roswell

Micro Autoclavable

Gamma Label
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions48 x 28 x 13.30 mm55 x 36.2 x 7.5 mm75 x 20 x 0.2 mm
Weight44g26g1.15kg (roll)
MaterialStainless SteelIndustry grade polymer, 316L Stainless Steel, Silicone sealerWhite thermal transfer face stock
MountingScrews, 5 mm Rivet Holes, Cable TieScrews (Rivet Holes), Pop RivetsIndustrial adhesive
Qty Per Roll--1000
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-40áto 85░C-40áto 85░C-40áto 75░C
Application Temperature-40áto 250░C-40áto 150░C-40áto 85░C
IP ClassificationIP68, IP69KIP69K-
Compression Strength1145 psi (7900 kPa)181 psi (1250 kPa)-
Shock (Drop)1 m to Concrete/Granite1 m to Concrete/Granite1 m to Concrete/Granite
Chemical ResistanceVarious Caustic ChemicalsVarious Caustic ChemicalsGamma resistance 100kGy, E-beam sterilization
Chip Characteristics
Chip TypeAlien Higgs 3Alien Higgs 9MB97R8050-AP15-ES
Operating Frequency Range902 MHz - 928 MHz902 MHz - 928 MHz860 MHz - 960 MHz (Global)
RF ProtocolEPC global Class 1 Gen 2EPC global Class 1 Gen 2EPC global Class 1 Gen 2
Memory Configuration96-EPC bits; 64 TID bits; 512 user memory bits96-EPC bits; 48 TID bits; 688 user memory bits160-EPC bits; 176 TID bits
Read RangeUp to 5mUp to 10mUp to 3m

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] XERAFY Roswell Autoclave UHF RFID Rugged Tags
X1114-US143-H3 ROSWELL Autoclave Xerafy, Roswell Autoclave, UHF RFID Tag 48x28x13.5mm, Stainless Steel, Rivet Hole, Autoclave, H3 $56.76 A6
[B] XERAFY Micro Autoclavable UHF RFID Rugged Tags
X1130-US140-U8 Micro-Autoclave Xerafy, Micro Autoclavable, UHF RFID Tag 51x36.3x7.5mm, U8 $28.82 A6
X1130-US140-H3 Micro-Autoclave Xerafy, Micro Autoclavable, UHF RFID Tag 51x36.3x7.5mm, H3 $30.25 A6
[C] XERAFY Gamma UHF RFID Labels
X6101-GL011-F1 LM75x20-F1 Xerafy, Gamma Metal Skin, UHF RFID Label, 75x20x0.2 mm, TT Stock, High Peformance Adhesive, MB97R8050-AP15-ES IC $3.19 A6
X6201-GL011-F1 LM101.6x50.8-F1 Xerafy,Gamma Plus, UHF RFID Label, 01.6x50.8x0.2 mm, TT Stock, High Peformance Adhesive, MB97R8050-AP15-ES IC $3.19 A6