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UMD RF Wireless Engineering Services

A wireless RF (Radio Frequency) Site Survey is the process of planning and designing a wireless network that will deliver the desired wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capabilities and quality of services. UMD delivers these services by first conducting a passive, active and/or predictive survey and then designing the RF network to optimise access points while accounting for RF interference.

Unique Micro Designís (UMD) Radio Frequency (RF) Site Surveys is part of UMDís Wireless Engineering Services, which are a collection of professional and support services used to design, install and support wireless infrastructure.

  • Design RF systems
  • Determine network interfacing requirements (including security considerations)
  • Conduct RF site surveys
  • Pre-configure radio terminals and wireless points
  • Conduct and manage installations
  • Provide handheld devices and vehicle mounting equipment.
  • Commission sites
  • Provide ongoing after sales support
  • Project management

These services are designed to:

  • Enable our Partners to implement wireless systems and network infrastructure, without needing comprehensive in-house expertise
  • Minimize the risk associated with wireless infrastructure and ensure adequate radio coverage.

UMDís wireless network experts are Ekahau Certified, including the site survey tools Ekahau AI Pro software and Ekahau SideKick2 hardware.

Professional RF Services

RF Site Survey is an essential procedure for developing an effective wireless network infrastructure and ensuring high quality radio coverage. The physical site, where wireless devices are to be installed, must be examined and measurements taken to establish the types, quantities and locations of wireless access points, antenna arrays, mounting options, cabling and power management details.

The types of RF Site Surveys UMD conducts:

Environment Analysis (Passive Survey)

UMD analyses RF spectrum data to detect interference from nearby Wi-Fi networks and other non-802.11 sources (e.g. microwave ovens, cordless phones).

Wi-Fi Design (Predictive survey)

UMD models and simulates the RF environment, which requires the floor plans and information on the location and RF characteristics of barriers such aswalls or large objects. Virtual access points are then placed on the floor plan to estimate expected coverage and adjust their number and location.

Validate Design (Passive Survey)

Ensures the wireless network has been properly designed including testing functionality using the tools and techniques to make data-driven Wi-Fi choices that remove risk and ensure your enterprise wireless network is always perfectly tuned to the needs of your environment and users.

Health Checks (Passive Survey)

Wi-Fi Health Checks are designed to give invaluable tools in resolving many of the common Wi-Fi problems that limit productivity.

Active Survey

Conducted to verify network performance and fault finding and existing or active sites by measuring round-trip time, throughput rates, packet loss and retransmissions.

All Surveys result in a RF Site Survey written report.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] RF Site Surveys
SV-RFSS-PRED-250-CPE UMD RF Site Suvey, Predicitve - Facilities upto to 250sqm $550.00 P
SV-RFSS-PRED-050-CPE UMD RF Site Suvey, Predicitve - per additional 50sqm $82.50 P
SV-RFSS-CONF-750-CPE UMD RF Site Suvey, Confirmation - Facilities upto 750sqm $1,100.00 P
SV-RFSS-CONF-050-CPE UMD RF Site Suvey, Confirmation - per additional 50sqm $82.50 P
SV-RFSS-ACT-CPH UMD RF Site Suvey, Active - Per Hour $220.00 P
SV-RFSS-ACT-CPX UMD RF Site Suvey, Active - As per Quotaiton $0.00 P
[B] Notes
(1) A site is a building. A location may contain multiple sites.
(2) Bookings are essential for site surveys.