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Unique Micro Design’s VAST - Next Generation (VAST-NG™) Is a Cloud Based integrated ticketing and access control solution for stadia, entertainment venues and attractions operating discrete events or requiring continuous patron access to services or attractions.

VAST-NG™ follows on from the original Venue Access Systems for Turnstiles (VAST), originally developed as an on-premises server based system

It provides venues their own access control infrastructure, independent of ticketing providers It also provides other benefits such as enhanced reporting, monitoring, control and integration to other sub-systems


  • Cloud based solution – accessible anywhere
  • Event may operate without VAST-NG™ Cloud access – ie system can operate with no or poor internet connection
  • Management, operation and administration functions are performed through a web browser interface – minimal training
  • Manages ingress to controlled areas, attractions, events and journeys – fine detailed monetisation opportunities
  • Real-time voiding and re-issue of tickets - independent of ticketing provider
  • Multi-user system with security access levels
  • Module based – enable functionality as required, pay for what you need
  • Ready integration with third party systems through published VAST-NG™ APIs – protection of investment in other services
  • Accepts multiple tickets sources, including VAST-NG™’s ticketing modules – ticketing provider independence
  • Open TCP/IP and “legacy” VAST™ infrastructure – make use of new technology whilst protecting investment in legacy hardware
  • Real time control, monitoring and management – visibility of current conditions for OH&S, resource allocation
  • Supports fixed turnstiles, handhelds and BYO devices – invest to suit your needs
  • May be customised to meet each implementation’s unique requirements

Installed Base:

  • Bendigo Jockey Club - Bendigo, Vic
  • Pt Leo Estate - Point Leo, Vic
  • Warrnambool Racing Club - Warrnambool, Vic
  • Unley Swimming Centre - Unley, Sa
  • Tasmania Racing Club
  • Phillip Island Nature Park
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] VAST-NG - Core System (per site) - Basic access control solution. Interfaces to any UMD Validators. Requires external ticket upload.
VAST-NG Configuration (per site)
VNG-C-0000-C VNG-LT-C VAST-NG - Light - Configuration per site P
VAST-NG Subscription (per site)
VNG-C-0000-S VNG-LT-S VAST-NG - Light - Subscription (per month) S
VAST-NG Transaction / Entry
VNG-C-0000-T VNG-LT-T VAST-NG - Light - Transaction (per entry) P
[B] API Access/Integration
VAST-NG Configuration (per site)
VNG-C-A000-C VAST-NG API Integration - Configuration (p/h) P
VAST-NG Subscription (per site)
VNG-C-A000-S VAST-NG API Integration - Subscription (per month) S
VAST-NG Transaction / Entry
VNG-C-A000-T VAST-NG API Integration - Transaction (per entry) S
[C] API Access for Woo-Commerce
VAST-NG Configuration (per site)
VAST-NG Subscription (per site)
VAST-NG Transaction / Entry