UMD Model RFT90001 e-Permit
UHF RFID Windscreen Tag

The Unique Micro Design (UMD) Model RFT9001 is a RFID based windscreen tag designed for e-Permit applications such as vehicle parking permits and access control.

The RFT9001 is specifically designed to attach to inside of vehicle windscreens.

The RFT9001 is uniquely encoded to UMD e-Permit scheme, based on GS1 Electronic Product Code (EPC) standards to ensure global interoperability.

EPC 96 bit unique e-Permit number is also printed in QRCode 2D barcode format.

Custom encoding and or printing is available to meet customer specific needs.


  • RFID Vehicle Windscreen Tag
  • EPC / ISO 18000-6c Standard
  • UMD EPC pre-encoded (Custom encoding available)
  • QRCode 2D Barcode (EPC data)


Physical Characteristics
RFID Characteristics
RF ProtocolISO 18000-6C (EPC C1G2)
Operating Frequency Range860-960 MHz
Memory512 bits
InlayUPM Raflatec - Dogbone
RFID ChipHiggs3
Read Distance3.4 m typical (4W EIRP)
EPC96 bits
RFID SchemaAs per UMD Specification 9-9890-001-SP
Barcode SymbologyQR Code
Barcode EncodingEPC represented in ASCII-Hexidecimal
Visual10 Character Serial Number Only
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] UMD RFT90001 Widscreen ePermit
9-9890-001-6 RFT90001 UMD ePermit Standard - Programmed $3.63 U