UMD RFID RFK5100 Series Keyfobs

The UMD RFK5100 Series Keyfobs are available in HF Mifare and LF TK4100 variations and are designed to be robust additions to a set of keys for everyday use.

  RFK5102 Series – Keyring Style 02

  RFK5104 Series – Keyring Style 04

  RFK5105 Series – Keyring Style 05

  RFK5106 Series – Keyring Style 06

Order Codes
RFK510 UMD RFK510X Series RFID Keyring/Keyfobs, ABS Plastic
2 Style 02
4 Style 04
5 Style 05
6 Style 06
H High Frequency, 13.56Mhz
H Low Frequency, 125Khz
RFID Chip Option
-NM1 HF - NXP Mifare S50 with 32 bit UID and 1KB memory
-TK4 LF - TK4100 LF Chip with 40 bit UID
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] UMD RFK5100 Series Keyfobs - Stock Line
9-9851-020-8 RFK5102H-NM1-BLK RFID Keyring Tag, Mifare 1K, Black $5.50 A
[B] UMD RFK5100 Series Keyfobs - Indent on request
9-9851-040-2 RFK5104 RFID Key Fob (Style 02) $5.50 A
9-9851-050-3 RFK5104 RFID Key Fob (Style 03) $5.50 A
9-9851-060-7 RFK5104 RFID Key Fob (Style 05) $5.50 A