Returnable Asset Tracking System

 The UMD Returnable Asset Tracking System, “UMD-RATS™”, tracks in-bound and out-bound RFID tagged returnable assets likes totes, pallets, cylinders and containers, typically in a supply chain application.

UMD-RATS is a “UMD Edgeware” platform product which consists of a range of hardware and software modules combined with UMD’s Professional Services in “engineering ICT solutions”.

UMD-RATS is deployed as a stand alone system and is customised to meet specific client needs and environments, including optional integration to ERP systems. An integrated web server provides the user interface for RFID reader configuration and real-time display of asset status.

UMD-RATS consists of the following sub-systems:
1) RFID Tagged Asset
The starting point in any RFID system is to find the most suitable RFID tag that will enable the asset to be tagged and read in its intended environment.

2) Out-bound Reading Portal
The out-bound reading portal usually consists of the main Controller and RFID reading system (typically UHF) and related RFID antennas and sensor components.

Apart from identifying the tagged asset, the out-bound portal typically needs to associate the returnable asset with the intended recipient for that asset. In an automated system this would normally be a barcoded manifest or pick list associated with the asset.

3) In-bound Reading Portal
The in-bound reading portal reads multiple stacked RFID assets, which are typically transported on pallets or vehicles. The portal is custom designed to integrate with the existing supply chain process.

4) Host User Interface
The web based user interfaces provides real time visibility of assets as well as reports. All activities are logged for auditing and tracking purposes.