Professional Services
UMD RFID Engineering Services

Unique Micro Design’s (UMD) RFID Engineering Services are a collection of professional and support services which can be used to design, install and support RFID systems and infrastructure.

We use our engineering ICT solutions skills to:

  • Evaluate RFID technology
  • Understand you solution requirements
  • Design & Engineer RFID systems
  • Conduct RFID site surveys
  • Provide Proof Of Concept
  • Provision from Pilot to Rollout
  • Provide ongoing after sales support.

These services are designed to:

  • enable our Partners to implement RFID systems, without needing comprehensive in-house expertise
  • minimise the risk associated with RFID system
Ordering Information and Pricing
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[A] RFID Evaluation
RFID Evaluation is an essential undertaking for any RFID project. To design a solution that matches the customer’s unique requirements, a Solution Provider must thoroughly understand the technology, RFID standards, Australian regulatory issues, Middleware software, tag selection, environmental issues and interface protocols.
[B] RFID Site Survey and Tag Selection
An RFID Site-Survey involves location visits to develop an understanding of the Customer’s physical environment. In particular, consideration is given to the positioning of equipment, and the surrounding environment. Also of primary importance is the RFID tag selection (consideration needs to be given to tag mounting options, orientation, RF permeability of material and other environmental issues).
[C] Engineering
UMD‘s Engineering Services include research and development, electronic product design, customisation of existing products, programming, mechanical engineering, prototyping and product commercialisation.
[D] Staging and Pre-configuration
Our Staging and Pre-Configuration Services involve the configuration and preparation of devices in response to specific Customer site parameters prior to installation as determined by RFID-Site Surveys or Network Audits. This also involves the testing of devices and identification of any quality issues thus ensuring rapid installation and minimising disruption to client workplace environments. This service is generally carried out on UMD premises.
[E] Installation
Installation services are conducted by UMD, and or its contractors, and involve the physical process of installing equipment into Customer locations as per the systems requirements identified by RFID Site Surveys, Systems Analysis, and Network Auditing Services.
[F] Commissioning
Commissioning involves the testing of systems once installations have been completed. Technically it could be as simple as ‘turning the device on’ and ensuring an appropriate response is recorded. However, Commissioning Services are normally reserved for more complex system testing that generally cannot be performed by installers and/or need suitable technical skills to ensure devices are operational (eg. Change various network settings, etc).
[G] Support
Post-Sales Support services can be provided by UMD to sustain on-going confidence in the system and maintain its’ integrity and reliability. Support is available for:Product Support (to look after the hardware), Systems Support (to fix problems), Systems Maintenance (to look after the system on a on-going basis), System Monitoring (provides remote monitoring services to support above services), Training