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Project Management

Project Management services are available where the need to manage the overall delivery of a project is required. A Project Manager is assigned and has overall responsibility for delivery on project outcomes as defined during the consulting process. The key responsibilities of a Project Manager are to define project objectives, develop implementation plans, and to monitor and manage the implementation process. The Project Manager will also set project milestones and test procedures to determine project closure, thus ensuring project objectives and customer expectations are met.The Project Manager also provides a single point of contact for all project communications.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Project Management
Project Management can be provided with either a tailored contract to suit your requirements, or on a fee for service basis. Please contact our Technical Support Group to discuss your requirements
8-9001-800-0 Project Management
8-9001-801-7 Project Management, Scoping
A fixed price will be quoted on application.