Professional Services
Pre Sales Services


Pre-Sales Consulting Services reflect both the time and effort taken to develop proposals and quotations. They also reflect the associated investigation work that may be undertaken by UMD to ensure that the solution is technically feasible, economically viable and culturally acceptable. Pre-Sales Consulting Services are generally included in proposals as a line item and is only payable if the Customer accepts the proposal.

Site Audits

Site-Audits are similar to Pre-Sales Consulting Services, but reflect the effort and time taken to investigate specific Customer sites, in order to develop an appropriate solution. As with all Pre-Sales activities, Site Audits may be listed as a line item in the proposal and are payable only if the Customer accepts the proposal.

RFID Evaluation

An RFID Evaluation is essential to successfully undertake any Radio Frequency Identification project. To design a solution that matches the customer’s unique requirements, a vendor must thoroughly understand the technology, RFID standards, Australian regulatory issues, middleware software, tag selection, environmental issues and interface protocols.

RFID Evaluation usually takes the form of a ‘workshop’ where these issues are discussed, and the customer’s specific requirements are analysed. The RFID Evaluation covers a range of issues, such as:

  • Appropriate RFID Technology (LF, HF, UHF)
  • Reader Selection
  • Tag Selection
  • Middleware Considerations
  • Product packaging analysis

The customer will complete the workshop with a clear understanding of the issues involved in implementing RFID in their own environment, probable timelines and costs.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Consulting
8-9000-300-4 Consulting Services
A fixed price will be quoted on application.
[B] Site Audits
8-9001-110-0 Site Audits
A fixed price will be quoted on application.
[C] RFID Evaluation
8-9001-129-9 RFID Evaluation
A fixed price will be quoted on application.
[D] Disbursements & Traveling Expenses
8-9000-301-3 Disbursements & Traveling Expenses
Additional expenses incurred resulting from the above listed activities