Professional Services
Post Sales Support

UMD has a long established service and maintenance group with product support engineers capable of providing a range of services on our wide range of current, and discontinued products, including Mobility, RFID and Point Of Sale products. After Sales Support generally applies to two categories, Devices and Systems.

Device Support

Device maintenance and service during and after warranty periods plays a large roll within UMD’s day to day operations. Our dedicated service center and telephone support operates 5 Days a week, while our web based fault logging and information services are available 24 hrs, 7 Days a week.

Our various business relationships with a wide range of suppliers and vendors allow us to manage and conduct repairs on a wide range of products through Authorised Service Centers or Independent service providers

UMD provides a range of device after sales support services to our customers. These include:

  • Return To Depot Repair Services
  • “Hot Swap” Device Exchange
  • On-Site Diagnostic and Fault Rectification
  • Telephone Support
  • Device configuration
  • Product Training

Please contact our Technical Support Group to discuss device maintenance and support contracts

Systems Support

While end users may consider the working functionality of their mobile devices as being the most important aspect in their day to day operations, just as important is the reliability of the supporting wireless system to support the end device. For instance, without a correctly installed and maintained wireless system, the ability to reliably transmit data may be compromised.

UMD can offer a range of services to help maintain a system after it has been commissioned.

  • System Diagnostic and Support services
  • Many sites change their operations or layouts over time. Where excellent RF coverage was available, changes to a site or the environment can effect RF coverage. UMD is able to check your existing site for any potential or reported coverage problem areas and provide solutions such as adding / moving units or replacing antennas. This could also include telephone support, remote support and traffic monitoring to ensure system integrity and reliability.

  • System Maintenance
  • UMD can provide maintenance agreements to look after a mobility network for devices such as Access Points and Wireless Switch technology. Access Points and antennas are generally installed at high locations to provide the largest coverage cell and are not normally accessible by the customer. They are also a critical part of a customers operations. UMD technicians are experts at identifying faulty wireless hardware, exchange and program replacement units, to ensure minimum downtime. It is recommended that customers who depend on their wireless infrastructure should take out a support contact to ensure rapid exchange of a faulty unit.

  • System Health Checks
  • For customers who wish to be pro-active rather than re-active, UMD offer system health checks to test the overall integrity of a wireless network. This includes radio measurements, connectivity tests and produces an overall analysis with any required recommendations. It is also a useful tool to gather information on system and device configurations where customers have little supporting documentation. This service can be provided annually or as required by the customer.

  • Training
  • Two types of training are available to customers who wish to provide "in-house" device and network managememt support. The training programs are generally conducted on-site and are designed for IT Support people responsible for the day to day operation of a wireless network. It covers items such as Access Point configuration, fault finding, device software load and configurations, battery management issues and device operations.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Post Sales Support
Post sales support can be provided with either a tailored contract to suit your requirements, or on a fee for service basis. Please contact our Technical Support Group to discuss device maintenance and support contracts
8-9001-400-2 SV-UMD-SUPP-CON-ACH Systems Support - Contract (R3) P
A fixed price will be quoted on application.
[B] Disbursements & Traveling Expenses
8-9001-900-7 Travel Time (R1)
Additional expenses incurred resulting from the above listed activities