Professional Services
UMD Implementation Services


Procurement can be conducted by UMD on behalf of the Customer to acquire resources needed to deliver the chosen solution. These resources include products, services and additional items provided by UMD business partners, associates or contractors.


Logistics is the management and co-ordination of the Procurement and Staging services, and involves the distribution, maintenance, and the allocation of appropriate resources, materials and personnel. The aim is to fulfil delivery of the agreed solution and services to the Customer’s location at the right time. Within the scope of a large rollout, Logistics becomes crucial to meet scheduled planned activity, eliminating potential risk and cost factors associated with "down-time"

Product Staging

UMD‘s professional staging services revolve around the configurations and preparation of devices, both mobile and fixed. Specific customer software and parameters are loaded into customer devices and tested to identify any quality issues. This ensures rapid installation whilst minimizing disruptions to client workspace environments.

For large scale projects, we can create a "virtual" staging environment to replicate what a customer would have installed on-site. While device configuration is important, additional services such as asset tracking and device labeling are just as important when it comes to device warranty. This is a UMD value added service that shows dealers and customers that we are not just interested in “moving boxes”.

Like anything electronic these days, it is a rare experience when you can deploy new equipment without some form of software load or configuration. UMD is capable of pre-configuring a range of products including :

  • Mobile Computers
  • RFID Systems
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Thermal Label Printers
  • Barcode Label Printers
  • Point Of Sale (POS) systems

From 5 to 5000 units, UMD is capable of staging and deploying equipment in a range of scenarios from large scale multi-site rollouts to single site installations. We have a large workshop / staging facility, secure warehousing facilities and experienced people capable of taking on any staging requirements. This provides dealers and customers with a a plug and play environment and ensures that all equipment will work first time around.

Data And Electrical Services

While selecting the correct technology for your application and environment has always been an important factor, the correct installation of new technology by experienced electrical contractors ensures peak operation of new products.

UMD provides a cost effective service in the installation of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure. These services now provides our dealer and customer network with one point of call for all their technology and professional service needs, eliminating the need to involve additional third parties and causing unwanted problems or delays.

When data, voice and mobility solutions are required, a managed cabling solution may be required to support it. UMD offers the resources and capabilities to design and install the most basic to the most complex cabling systems. Our cabling partners have a broad knowledge in building scalable structured cabling networks to allow for moves, adds or changes for all data services.

UMD can provide the planning, design and installation for all your voice & data requirements. Our cabling partners are ACA licensed with endorsements in Category 5e systems. We use the latest testing equipment to ensure that all installations are conducted and certified to Australian cabling standards. This also applies to emerging cabling standards such as Cat6 and cabling for 802.11af (Power Over Ethernet) applications.

As well as data cabling, UMD can provide voice cabling for the latest analogue, digital and IP based telephony systems. This allows our dealers and customers to utilize additional services, over and above data cabling to support anything from new building fitouts to additional voice extensions. All our electrical services personnel have “A” grade electrical licenses, capable of satisfying any electrical cabling requirements.


Installation services are conducted by UMD and involve the physical process of installing equipment into Customer locations as per the systems requirements identified by RF Site Surveys, Systems Analysis, and Network Auditing Services. This service ensures the correct installation and mounting of equipment and can be conducted by UMD technicians even in cases where a third party has performed the installation of data cabling or the site has existing suitable data cabling as identified by a site survey or network audit.


Commissioning involves the testing of systems once installations have been completed. Technically it could be as simple as ‘turning the device on’ and ensuring an appropriate response is recorded. However, Commissioning Services are normally reserved for more complex system testing that generally cannot be performed by installers and/or need suitable technical skills to ensure devices are operational (eg. Confirm radio coverage, change various network settings, etc).

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Procurement
8-9001-300-4 Procurement (% of goods procured)
[B] Pre-Configuration
8-9001-310-3 SV-UMD-CONF-CPH Pre-Configuration - p/hr P
8-9001-311-7 SV-UMD-INSP-CPH Pre-shipment Inspection P
8-9001-312-2 SV-UMD-CONF-B15-CPE Pre-Configuration - Per 15 minute Block P
8-9001-313-8 SV-UMD-CONF-B30-CPE Pre-Configuration - Per 30 minute Block P
8-9001-314-0 SV-UMD-CONF-B45-CPE Pre-Configuration - Per 45 minute Block P
[C] Logistics
8-9001-320-3 SV-UMD-LOG-CPH Logistics P
[D] Installation
8-9001-330-2 SV-UMD-INST-CPH Installation, p/hr P
8-9001-331-9 SV-UMD-INST-ELEC-CPH Installation - Electrical and Data P
8-9001-332-6 R1 Installation - Pre-Assembly P
[E] Commissioning
8-9001-340-1 R5 Commissioning P
8-9001-341-8 R4 Installation & Commissioning, p/hr P
8-9008-341-2 R4 Installation & Commissioning, p/day P
[F] Sub-Contracting
8-9001-700-0 R3 Sub-Contracting (general) P
8-9001-701-9 R3 Sub-Contracting - Electrical & Data, p/hr P
8-9008-701-1 R3 Sub-Contracting - Electrical & Data, p/day P
8-9001-702-2 R3 Sub-Contracting - Vehicle Installation P
8-9001-703-6 R3 Sub-Contracting - Civil Works P
[G] Project Management
8-9001-800-0 R6 Project Management, p/hr P
8-9008-800-9 R6 Project Management, p/day P
[H] Disbursements & Traveling Expenses
8-9001-900-7 Travel Time (R1)
8-9001-903-8 Disbursements
8-9001-905-2 Freight Expedition Service
8-9001-907-3 Air travel
8-9001-908-5 Travel Incidentals
8-9001-909-6 Ground Transport
Additional expenses incurred resulting from the above listed activities
Where possible, a fixed price will be quoted on application.