Professional Services
Denso BHT Device Programming

UMD's Denso BHT Programming Services utilises UMD's engineering ICT solution skills to program the full range Denso's BHT terminal devices.

This includes:

  • Denso BHT Basic Terminal devices
  • Denso BHT CE.NET terminal devices
  • Denso RF (IEEE802.11 and Bluetooth) terminal devices

The Denso BHT-Basic programming language is common to all Denso BHT-Basic Family of Barcode Handy Terminals.

The Denso BHT-Basic is a high level language used to program the Denso BHT-Basic range of hand held computers. The Denso BHT-Basic is an easy to develop, and low cost, Programming Language, ideal for handheld terminals, this development environment offers unique barcode reading functions which included commands and functions exclusively used for barcode reading and data reception/transmission, making program development fast and efficient.

Key Features of BHT-Basic are:

  • Light and compact operating system - very stable and does not crash: compare this to Windows application development.
  • Requires significant less memory than WinCE devices.
  • Easy to understand and learn: write you own program the first day.
  • Easy to develop application: inbuilt data capture functionsavailable. No need to write your own.
  • High level language: similar to MS Visual Basic.
  • Only modest or no programming experience required.

The UMD BTH-Basic Programming services are designed to:

  • enable our Partners to implement Denso BHT applications, without needing comprehensive in-house expertise.
  • minimise the risk associated with software development by using experience programmers.
  • minimise the cost of software development (by utilising UMD's extensive software modules)

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] BHT Software Development
9-3150-000-8 SW5000 BHT Software Development
9-3150-010-9 SW5001 General BHT Software Licence (per client)