UMD Manage Plus for SOTI MDM

The UMD Manage Plus service for SOTI Mobile Device Management (MDM) is part of UMD’s Manage Plus After Sale Support program.

The SOTI MDM cloud platform provides real time access for mobile devices, incident management and device support. It covers:

  • UMD Service Desk access
  • Issue resolution
  • Escalation management
  • Secure remote connection to client Mobile Devices via SOTI MDM

Note: Mobile devices must be certified for use with the MDM tool, by SOTI and have the SOTI client app installed to enable remote connectivity. Unsupported devices can be certified but may incur additional costs to do so.

Rounding out SOTI MDM is the addition of UMD’s Support Services, available either as a subscription or ad hoc basis, which includes:

  • Access to UMD’s Help Desk system
  • System status, health check, and device reports
  • Raising of issue tickets (hardware and software support)
  • Management of issue tickets including handover to Vendors
  • Minor application updates
  • Device configuration management
  • For the Subscription option, Support by UMD personnel to a maximum of 2 hrs per incident, 8 hrs total/p/month. Additional charges apply beyond these limits.

The following services are not included in the standard Subscription option:

  • Major revision updates of operating systems and application software
  • Major support issues which require Level 2 and above support
  • Urgent critical security updates (outside standard maintenance security updates)
  • Firmware updates

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Order – Line 1 of 3 - System Configuration and Setup
PLUS-MAN-SOTI-SC UMD Manage Plus, SOTI - Service Configuration, p/h $176.00 V
[B] Order – Line 2 of 3 – UMD Support Options
Add Hoc Options Rates (charged by time)
8-9001-405-1 SV-UMD-SUPP-L1-APH Systems Support - Level 1 (p/h) (R3) P
8-9001-404-8 SV-UMD-SUPP-L2-APH Systems Support - Level 2 (p/h) (R4) P
8-9001-403-4 SV-UMD-SUPP-L3-APH Systems Support - Level 3 (p/h) (R5) P
Subscription Option
PLUS-MAN-SOTI-SS UMD Manage Plus, SOTI - Service Subscription, Monthly Per Device V
PLUS-MAN-SOTI-SS12 UMD Manage Plus, SOTI - Service Subscription, 12 months V
PLUS-MAN-SOTI-SS36 UMD Manage Plus, SOTI - Service Subscription 36 months V
[C] Order – Line 3 of 3 - SOTI MDM Licence
SOTI-MCL-DEV SOTI MobiControl, Cloud Device Licence - per Device per month C5
SOTI-MCL-DHS SOTI MobiControl, Cloud Hosting - per month per Device C5
[D] Other options
SOTI-ONE-BCL-B7 SOTI ONE Platform - Bundle B7 Cloud Licence - Per Device Per Month C5