UMD Model 527A
UMD VAST™ Diamondhead Series Turnstile Validator

The M527 'Diamondhead' Validator is part of the UMD VAST™ lineup of Validators used for scanning tickets or NFC tags to enable patron entry to venues or attractions.

Validator is cloud-connected to the UMD VAST™ access control and ticketing system and optionally controls ingress and egress via a connected turnstile, gate or other physical barriers.

The Diamondhead is a two-way capable unit with the option to house one or two Validators. One validator for single direction (e.g. entry only) and the other for the exit if scanning out of the area is desired to track patrons movements and limit their transitions between areas depending on their ticket attributes.

The Validator allows patrons to scan their ticket barcode or tap their NFC passes (depending on installed, separate reader devices) to gain entry to the venue or to record their presence at the venue via the UMD VAST™ cloud service.

A key feature of the M527 ‘Diamondhead’ Validator is the inclusion of a 7” high-brightness LCD for displaying instructions and responses to the patrons as well as streaming video for patron information or advertising.

The slimline validator mounts to the top of a turnstile or gate barrier and requires wired LAN with to operate. It requires either PoE (802.3af) power or a 9-36VDC supply available separately.

The flexible system allows ease of access for installation and maintenance

Note that the unit comes with one or two validators installed but does not include readers/scanners. These are ordered and installed separately depending on the installation situation.


  • Linux based microcontroller for fast and flexible applications.
  • Standard UMD VAST™ Validator software pre-installed
  • LAN connected for reliable communications with the host ticketing service
  • Remote monitored/managed via the UMD VAST™ web console interface
  • Rugged 316 Grade Stainless Steel enclosure ensures longevity and serviceability in exposed environments‡
  • Fast and aggressive presentation style barcode scanner for reading 1D or 2D barcodes on paper or mobile devices (where installed).
  • NFC Mifare 1k compatible tag reader for contactless membership cards or NFC wristbands (where installed)
  • Multifunction, multicolour LED indicator to show successful scan, rejected scan, system error or other programmed conditions such as concession tickets using different colours.
  • Online business hours support is included where you purchase an ongoing UMD VAST™ device access licence subscription.
  • 12 Months Warranty


Overall Dimensions 192(w) x 300(l) x 190(h)mm (Including LED Indicator Dome)
Housing Only 192(w) x 300(l) x 150(h)mm
Base Plate 187(l) x 267(h)mm
Material Stainless Steel
Finish Brushed Natural Finish ("Linish")
Environmental IP54 (Estimated)
Ambient Operating Temperature 0°C - 40°C
Processor Linux Computer (UMD M800 Series)
Communications Wired Ethernet (standard), Optional Wifi, - Optional Cellular
I/O 4 x USB, 1 x RS232, 2 x Relay Contacts (240vac/5A), 3 x Solid State (60V/0.2A, 2 x Opto-isolated Inputs, 11 x GPIO ports
Power Supply Requirement 9 to 36Vdc / 4 A
User Interface
Display 7” High Brightness LCD, 640 nits / 1000:1 contrast ratio, -30 to +80 deg C Operating Temp
Annunciator RGB LED dome
Audio Buzzer
Access Cam Lock


UMD Model 527A Configuration Guide







RFID Bollard Reader Assembly

 Display / Direction Option



1 Way with 1x LCD panels



2 Way with 2 x LCD Panels




No Annunciator



RGB Dome








Wired - Ethernet (Standard)



Wireless - WiFi (Excludes Antenna)



Cellular (Excludes Antenna)











UMD VAST-NG Validator









Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] UMD Model 527A Diamond Series Turnstile Validator (standard configurations)
1 way
M527A10E00V1 M527A-1W UMD Diamondhead Series S/S Turnstile Head, 1 Way (LCD), Ethernet with VAST NG Validator Software
M527A11E00V1 M527A-1W UMD Diamond Series S/S Turnstile Head, 1 Way (LCD), RGB Dome Anunciator, Ethernet with VAST NG Validator Software
2 way
M527A21E00V1 M527A-2W UMD Diamond Series S/S Turnstile Head, 2 Way (LCD), RGB Dome Anunciator, Ethernet with VAST NG Validator Software