Edgeware Device Management Platform

UMD- Edge™ is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) platform that enables Enterprise Systems to relegate responsibility for control, management and monitoring of Edge Devices, such as RFID and barcode readers, actuators, sensors and human interface terminals.

UMD- Edge™ is based on next generation message management software, which moves data capture functionality from Enterprise Systems to locally based network devices.

The UMD- Edge™ modular construction makes it ideal for many data capture applications, such as:

  • Access Entry
  • Asset tracking
  • Environmental sensing
  • Man – machine interfaces
  • Stock control
  • Warehousing


  • Separates edge device infrastructure from centralised Enterprise Systems
  • Unifies the interface between the Edge Devices and Enterprise Systems
  • Operates independently of host applications
  • Flexible – customised to meet each implementation’s unique requirements
  • Scaleable – scale out (multiple servers) and/or scale up (larger server)
  • Reporting
  • Real-time monitoring of traffic
  • Links to a variety of databases
  • Troubleshooting tools

UMD- Edge™ Technology:

The UMD- Edge™ environment is provisioned as software running on one or more dedicated computer servers. There are two key elements to the software:

1) UMD- Edge™ Message Bus – This message bus allows Software Interface Modules to seamlessly interchange data and procedures. It is the core of the system that provides modularity and system flexibility.

2) Software Interface Modules – This is the software that uses the UMD- Edge™ Bus for communications. There are four types of module:

  • Device Management Modules – These modules are specific to each type of Edge Device. For each attached device, there is an instance of a Device Interface Module which holds device configuration data.
  • Event Logic Modules – These modules implement custom logic that operates on UMD- Edge™ Bus traffic.
  • Host Interface Modules – These modules are used to transfer data between UMD- Edge™ and Enterprise Systems such as ERP systems. They typically use XML, RPC or SOAP technologies, but are not restricted to these protocols.
  • Edge Management Modules – These modules provide a human interface to the UMD- Edge™ system via a web browser for device management and status monitoring.

Software Interface Modules are provided off the shelf from our growing library, or custom written to suit the application.


RFID installations can generate thousands of messages per minute and data needs to be filtered before it reaches the Enterprise System. UMD- Edge™ Server solves this problem by separating the Edge Device infrastructure and data capture from the Enterprise System by:

  • Managing the many different Edge Devices: RFID & Barcode Readers and Sensors
  • Defining and controlling logic events: Enable RFID Readers when pallet is present
  • Pre-processing data: RFID tag filtering
  • Updating databases and logs: Update Product and Transactional logs
  • Generate alerts upon user defined triggers: advise me when pallet x arrives
  • Transferring data to host system: in a format it expects

Unique Micro Design can provide complete customised UMD- Edge™ installations through our engineering ICT solutions offering.