UMD-dQue Event System

The Unique Micro Design dQue™ Event System is a closed loop cashless payment and patron access system for Festivals, Field days and Corporate & Promotional events.

dQue™ can be used in any size event space where there is little or no infrastructure. The dQue™ Event System is a collection of technologies that provides:

  • Access Control: Patron access can be controlled by up to sixteen different Ticket Types to specific areas eg. general admission, backstage, corporate, VIP etc. Real time reporting of area counts gives management visibility. Fast processing reduces que's.
  • Cashless: add cash and credit card financial value to tokens. When credit cards are used, the card is first checked online with a pre-authorised limit. At the end of the event, dQue™ will settle total credit card expenditure for each patron. dQue™ events provide patron convenience by removing the need to carry cash and reduces cash handling for the event organiser.
  • Entitlements: dQue™ supports two non-cash currencies termed “Free” and “Promotional”. These are used for the controlled issuing of entitlements and redemption of such benefits as free gifts, meals for staff, prizes and loyalty points. This enhances the patron’s experience at the event.
  • Age Check: age check patron processing by event staff can be conveniently recorded against the dQue™ token to limit under age drinking at bars. The dQue-POS™ application will automatically check the age status before allowing the sale of alcoholic drinks.
  • Point of Sale: dQue-POS™ provides a simple to learn and operate touch screen based Point of Sale application that allows for the cashless purchase of food, drinks, and activities. Use of dQue-POS™ reduces shrinkage. Real time reports of sales, helps management of the event.
  • Marketing: dQue™ is designed to interface to third party social marketing systems.

    The Unique Micro Design dQue™ Event System is designed for use in events to:

    • Reduce queuing (at event entry or concessions)
    • Provide better customer service (improves overall user experience)
    • Eliminate the need to carry cash
    • Enhance customer experience (integration into marketing system)
    • Control entry to up to 16 different areas (eg. VIP, Staff only, etc)
    • Reduce shrinkage (using automated electronic transaction processing)
    • Provide better reporting of staff and activities via real time reporting (access, inventory and sales)


    Unique Micro Design’s dQue™ is a natural extension to the UMD-VAST Patron Access Control System which is used in large, high throughput venues with fixed turnstile infrastructure such as horse racing clubs (eg. Victoria Racing Club, home of the Melbourne Cup) and stadia (eg. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane and Bangladesh Cricket Club).

    CORE Technology

    The core of dQue™ is a token that is used to uniquely identify a patron and Database which hold the attributes and permission of the patron. The Token can be a barcode and/or a contactless RFID tag (typically supplied as a disposable wristband or ID card).

    The Database is used to:

    • Uniquely identify the token holders
    • Manage access to areas
    • Hold the cashless purse
    • Hold entitlements and redemption information

    Barcode tokens are used if network communications (LAN/WAN) is good between dQue™ reading devices, and the Database reside on Devices. When communications is poor, contactless RFID tokens are used and the Database resides on the token.

    dQue can also operate in a hybrid mode where both barcodes and contactless tokens are used, including a distributed Database.

    dQue™ application software operates on a number of mobile and fixed devices. The software operates in a hybrid mix of offline and online transaction processing. When offline, it uses the stored token data for fast and secure transaction processing. When online, data is verified with the dQue™ distributed database and communicated for real time reporting.

    The dQue™ POS application can be used for point of sale, top-up and reporting allowing the same device to be deployed in different areas.

    The dQue™ system has several security features used to ensure transaction integrity.

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