RFID HF Smart Labels & Inlays

UMD can supply both custom and standard HF RFID Smart Labels to meet exacting requirements.

HF labels are available as "Wet Inlays" (i.e. adhesive without any facestock) or as Labels (i.e. Wet Inlay with White facestock to make a label)

The following list standard stock lines, or other sizes and RFID chip types, please contact Sales


  • HF 13.56 MHz
  • ISO15693 and ISO14443 Chip Options
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] HF Labels - 13.56MHz
9-9700-006-9 RFI-H54X86-NSI-L Label HF ISO15693 1KBits (SLI) Paper, 54x86mm (each) $1.10 A
9-9780-023-4 RFI-H28X45-SL2-L Label, HF, ISO15693 1KB (SL2), 28x45mm $2.09 A
9-9780-011-9 RFI-H25RND-MFU-L Wet Inlay, 25 Round, Mifare Ultralight (NFC) - Label (white) $1.21 A
9-9780-021-3 RFI-H28X45-MFU-L Label, HF, Mifare Ultralight (64B), 28x45mm $1.98 A
9-9780-022-7 RFI-H28X45-MF1-L Label, HF, Mifare Classic 1KB, 28x45mm $2.64 A
[B] HF Inlays - 13.56MHz
9-9780-030-4 RFI-H14X31-SLI-W Wet Inlay, HF, ISO15693, 2KBits (SLI), 14x31mm $1.10 A
9-9780-040-1 RFI-H15X15-SLI-W Wet Inlay, HF, ISO15693, 2KBits (SLI), 15x15mm $1.10 A
ISO15693/Tag-It (HF-I) Series
RI-I02-114A-01 RFI-H45X76-HFI-W Dry Inlay, HF, ISO15693, 2KBits, 45x76mm $1.32 A
RI-I03-114A-01 RFI-H22.5X38-HFI-W Dry Inlay, HF, ISO15693, 256Bits, 22.5x38mm $1.21 A
RI-I11-114A-01 RFI-H45X45-HFI-W Dry Inlay, HF, ISO15693, 256Bits, 45x45mm $2.53 A
RI-I16-114A-01 RFI-H24.2RND-HFI-W Dry Inlay, HF, ISO15693, 256Bits, 24.2mm Round $0.99 A
RI-I17-112A-03 RFI-H32.5CD18-HFI-W Dry Inlay, HF, ISO15693, 2KBits, 32.5mm Round for CD (18mm inner hole) $1.21 A
Contact UMD Sales for volume pricing or RFID tags not listed.