UMD Solution Platform
ICADA Coolroom Monitoring System

The UMD ICADA - CoolRoom Monitoring System, in an IoT based Temperature Monitoring System specifically designed for Cool Rooms and Freezers, but can easily be adapted to other applications.

The System is part of UMD's IoT Control And Data Acquisition (ICADA) suite of Solution Platforms and comprised of the following technology stack:

  • Infinitee Software Application Platform (ISAP) which is both scale-able and modular and can be expanded on as required. ISAP Cloud service provides systems configuration and monitoring, including managing set points and out of bound notifications (SMS and e-mail).
  • ISAP Companion Smartphone application (IOS and Android) provides data visualisation via intuitive User Interface.

The system connects to the edge via UMD-Edge-Solution / ICADA platform, which is based on:
  • UMD Chariot - cloud based IoT application broker.
  • Wireless Gateways - Wifi or 4G with integrated sensors inputs with configurable analog and digital I/O.
  • Sensors - A range of Analog Temperature Sensors are available to support any environmental requirements.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] ICADA CoolRoom Temperature Monitoring System
SP-ICADA-COOLR-101-CC System Configuration
SP-ICADA-COOLR-101-CS Cloud Subscription (per month)
SP-ICADA-COOLR-101-MU Mobile Application Subscription (per month)
[B] Hardware
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