Troi - WoW-2 Tag
UHF RFID Industrial Tag - Weldable option World Tag

The TROI Weldable option World series Tags ("Patents Pending") are a Metal mount, METAL tag, employing the rugged MSOP (chip). Embedded in a stainless steel case and a super high temperature ceramic. These tags have excellent read/write performance on any metal surface and exceptional performance in harsh and high temperature environments. These Weldable option World Tags can be welded onto any metal surface and due to a novel antenna design is readable from any direction.


  • Ceramic encapsulated for harsh environments
  • Stainless Steel Ring Shell for welding
  • Small size
  • Highly Impact Resistant
  • Readable in 360 degrees
  • EPC Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6c Compliant
  • Specifications

    SizeWOW-2 Impact: 44.5mm x 11.4mm (90g)
    WOW-2 Thin: 44.5mm x 3.0mm (35g)
    Supported StandardEPC Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6c Compliant
    Resonance Frequency902 - 928 MHz
    Memory96 bits
    Nominal Read DistanceUpto 3.0m under FCC Part 15 (36 dBm EIRP))
    Write DistanceUpto 0.3m under FCC Part 15 (36 dBm EIRP))
    Dimensions 32mm x 6.5mm
    Operating temperature -40C to +200C
    (85C 30 days; Shock 85C/-25C 1 week)
    (160C 30 days; 125C-100% Humidity 7 days; High pressure 100% humidity 125C 7 days, 200C 30 days))
    Ordering Information and Pricing
    Part Number Model Number Description RRP
    Inc GST
    [A] Troi WoW-2 Impact Stainless Steel, Ceramic Encapsuled Weldable Tags
    9-9820-701-6 WoW-2-Impact Weldable Option World tag, Impact $43.01 A6
    9-9820-702-3 WoW-2- Thin Weldable Option World tag, Thin $43.01 A6