Times7 - Slimline Series
UHF RFID Antenna

The Times-7 Slimline Series of UHF RFID Antennas' are a range of low profile antenna's only 12mm thick designed to be mounted unobtrusively or in space limited locations, yet still with rugged construction for use in industrial applications.


  • RFID applications requiring a sleek, high performance antennas' with up to 6m (19.7ft) read range
  • Space constrained or customer facing environments
  • Rugged design suitable for industrial applications
  • Integrated mounting holes


Times-7 Slimline Series Antennas
Physical Characcteristics
Dimensions 275x214x12mm 391x275x12mm 747x314x12mm 394x394x12mm 280x280x12mm 280x280x12mm
Weight 600g 1Kg 2.2Kg 1.75Kg 750g 750g
Mounting Integrated Mounting Holes in each corner
RF Connection SMA Female Connector on 300mm cable SMA Female Connector, center rear
Enclosure Kydex Radome Material
Operating Temperature -20 to 55C
Storage Temperature -30 to 65C
Ingress Protection Rating IP65
Antenna Characteristics
(Select one band)
865-868 MHz
902-928 MHz (Australia)
Polarization Circular Linear
Gain Farfield Gain: 4dBi
(1dBi linear)
Farfield Gain: 7dBi
(4dBi linear)
Farfield Gain: 9dBi
(6dBi linear)
Farfield Gain: 9dBi
(6dBi linear)
Farfield Gain: 6.5dBi
(3.5dBi linear)

Farfield Gain: 7dBi Linear
Farfield 3dB beamwidth 80 Horizintal
80 Vertical
75 Horizintal
48 Vertical
81 Horizintal
81 Vertical
50 Horizintal
50 Vertical
60 Horizintal
60 Vertical
62 Horizintal
62 Vertical

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Times-7 A6031 900MHz UHF Antenna
T7-70810 A6031 A6031 Circular Polarized Antenna, 275x214x12mm $330.00 A1
[B] Times-7 A6032 900MHz UHF Antenna
T7-70808 A6032-C-SMA-JB RFID Antenna, 391 x 275 x 12 mm, 7dBi CP (SMA Jack Line) $396.00 A1
[C] Times-7 A6034 900MHz UHF Antenna
T7-70809 A6034 A6034 Circular Polarized Antenna $594.00 A1
[D] Times-7 A6034S 900MHz UHF Antenna
T7-71003 A6034S-C-SMA-JB RFID Antenna, 394x394x12 mm, dBi CP (SMA Jack Line) $495.00 A1
[E] Times-7 A4030C 900MHz UHF Antenna - Indent only (Not recommended for new designs)
T7-71270 A4030C-SMA-JB RFID Antenna, 280 x 280 x 12 mm, 6.5dBi CP(SMA Jack Bualkhead - centre of rear) $363.00 A1
[F] Times-7 A4030L 900MHz UHF Antenna
T7-71272 A4030L-SMA-JB RFID Atnenna, 280 x 280 x 12 mm, 7dBi LP (SMA Jack Baulkhead - centre of rear) $363.00 A1
[G] Cables
2-9003-020-4 CA9003-2 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA - RevP TNC 2m $59.40 U
Other cables and lengths available
[H] Custom Mounting Plates
T7-71631 AB6032-MP Mounint Plate for A6032 & B6032 $121.00 A1
T7-71632 A6032-MP Mounting Plate for A6032 $143.00 A1
T7-71633 A6034S-MP Mounting Plate for A6034S $198.00 A1
T7-71634 A6034-MP Mounting Plate for A6034S $242.00 A1
Custom Coax Cables