Times7 - Near Field Antenna's
UHF RFID Proximity Antenna

The Times-7 A1001 is the smallest commercially available wideband near field UHF antenna. Read distance is from 0 to 10cm. Close proximity RFID is conventionally done using HF, not UHF. The advantage of the A1001 is that with this short range antenna, the same underlying UHF RFID infrastructure (tags and readers) can be used for long range and reading multiple tags at once and for POS and security when you only want to read one tag at a time.

The Times-7A1030 antenna offers outstanding near field performance in an unique and optimised footprint, improving workflow and eliminating stray tag-reads. Offering the world’s largest working surface in a near field antenna, and at just 6.5 mm thick, the A1030 is opening up new possibilities for item level RFID tracking where a short range read is required.


  • Access control and security
  • Retail POS
  • Library
  • Mass transit
  • Item level tracking


Times-7 Near Field Antennas
Physical Characcteristics
Dimensions 82 mm x 82 mm x 8 mm 300 mm x 300 mm x 6.5 mm
Weight 100g 500g
Mounting 4x Through Holes at edges of Bezel Integrated Mounting Guides
RF Connection SMA Female Connector, Bottom edge of Bezel SMA Female side fly lad, 300mm
Enclosure Moulded ABS Housing Fire Retardend Kydex
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature -30 to 60°C
Ingress Protection Rating IP65 IP53
Antenna Characteristics
(Select one band)
865-868 MHz
902-928 MHz (Australia)
Polarization Linear Circular
Gain Farfield Gain: -15dBi
Power Max Input 6W


Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Times-7 A1001 Proximity UHF Antenna
T7-71203 A1001-NF-SMA-JB RFID Near Field Antenna, 82 x 82 x 9.5 mm (SMA Socket Baulkhead) $297.00 A1
[B] Times-7 A1030 Proximity UHF Antenna
T7-71585 A1030-NF-SMA-J300 RFID Near Field Antenna, Short range 300 x 300 x 6.5 mm, SMA on Flyiing Lead 300mm $451.00 A1