Times7 - A8060
UHF RFID Doorframe Antenna

The Times-7 A8060 is an ultra-low profile linear polarised flat panel antenna. Its total thickness is just 8 mm.


  • RFID deployments for doorway portals
  • Rugged design suitable for any application


Physical Characcteristics
Dimensions 650 mm x 86 mm x 8 mm
Weight 500g
Mounting Integrated Mounting Holes in each corner
RF Connection SMA Female Connector on 300mm cable
Enclosure Kydex Radome Material
Operating Temperature -20 to 55C
Storage Temperature -30 to 65C
Ingress Protection Rating IP65
Antenna Characteristics
(Select one band)
865-868 MHz
902-928 MHz (Australia)
Polarization Linear
Gain Farfield Gain: 5dBi
Farfield 3dB beamwidth 30 in Vertical, 110 in Horizontal

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Times-7 A8060 UHF Door Frame Antenna
T7-71416 A8060-SMA-J300 SlimLine UHF Door Frame Atnenna, 650 x 86 x 8 mm, 5dBi LP(Hor), Adhesive Foam, SMA Jack Line 300mm on side) $352.00 A1