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Denso SW2004 Serial Keyboard Wedge

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Denso Keyboard Wedge Software
The Denso’s range of Software Wedges for DOS, Windows 3.1 (WIN16) and Windows95 (WIN32), translates serial data received on the COM ports into keystrokes, as if the user had keyed in the data. Serial parameters include data rates up to 19.2K using COM1 or COM2 in DOS or available ports in Windows.

9-3920-040-3 SW2004 Software Wedge for DOS $108.90 U1
9-3920-050-2 SW2005 Software Wedge for Windows 16 bit $108.90 U1
9-3920-060-1 SW2006 Software Wedge for Windows 32 bit $108.90 U1
[B] Scanner Power Adapter Cable -Serial Powered
Scanner Power Adapter Cables are interface cables used to connect between PC or Terminal devices and BarCode Scanners with UMD Standard D9 connections. They also provide power, via integrated plug pack power supplies to the attached Bar Code Scanners.
2-5299-000-9 CA299 Scaner Power Adapt D25 $61.60 U1
2-5324-000-9 CA324 Scanner UMD D9 to PC Serial with Plug Pack $57.20 U1
2-5315-000-0 CA315 D25P AUX with PP/Scanner $57.20 U1