Spare Parts
Japanese Semiconductors

Following is a cross reference between identified Japanese Semiconductors and UMD Spare part numbers.
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Japanese Semiconductors
E327-030 Misc Trans, 2SB731 $4.40 A
E327-050 Misc Trans, 2SB731 $5.50 A
E324-010 Misc Trans, 2SB974L $6.60 A
2052213 Misc Trans, 2SC3669 $3.30 A
2052216 Misc Trans, 2SC3692 $3.30 A
E359-170 Misc Trans, 2SC4671-AN $2.20 A
E360-040 IC 2SD1310M $4.40 A
E379-035 Misc Trans, 2SD794 $6.60 A
E202-670 IC M51943BSL $4.40 A
E390-110 IC M5231TL $5.50 A
E390-370 Misc Trans, M54567P Array $9.90 A
E390-200 IC MAT-001A $27.50 A
E202-830 IC TA8428K $25.30 A