Spare Parts - Citizen POS

UMD can provide the full range of spare parts for Citizen POS printers and peripherals. However, only a the most common items are listed here. Please contact Sales for items not listed.
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Citizen Cash Drawer
KEY-3585 M126 Key Spare A01 $24.20 C5
[B] Citizen POS Printers
1201005 CMP-10 Main PCB Assy $229.90 C5
1201007 CMP-10 Panel PCB $59.40 C5
13210013 CMP-10 Paper Cover $33.00 C5
13210016 CMP-10 Battery Cover $13.20 C5
13230006 CMP-10 Belt Clip $20.90 C5
13260003 CMP-10 Printer Mech Assy $61.60 C5
13280002 CMP-10 Rubber serial interface $6.60 C5
13280003 CMP-10 Top Housing $39.60 C5
600325-00 CMP-10 Platen Bush gear LHS $2.20 C5
600326-00 CMP-10 Platen Bush RHS $3.30 C5
600327-00 CMP-10 Gear, Platen $2.20 C5
800421-00 CMP-10 Platen roller $17.60 C5
AC-132 CBM231 Auto Cutter Assembly $110.00 C5
AC-134 IDP3551 Auto Cutter Assembly $105.60 C5
AC-2 IDP3541 Auto-Cutter Assembly $105.60 C5
ACC-230 CBM1000 Auto Cutter Assembly $89.10 C5
ACS-231 IDP3221 Auto Cutter Assembly $88.00 C5
CI13240005 CMP-10 Panel label $6.60 C5
DP-410 IDP342X Mechanism Assy $189.20 C5
DP614-3540 IDP3540 Prnt Mech Assy, No Hd $205.70 C5
DP654-3550 IDP3550 Prnt Mech Assy, No Hd $205.70 C5
E2010310 IC SN74LS540N $5.50 C5
E202-670 IC M51943BSL $4.40 C5
E202-680 IC uPD4711 $28.60 C5
E202-830 IC TA8428K $25.30 C5
E202-890 IC Transistor driver CBM231 $18.70 C5
E324-010 Misc Trans, 2SB974L $6.60 C5
E327-030 Misc Trans, 2SB731 $4.40 C5
E327-050 Misc Trans, 2SB731 $5.50 C5
E359-170 Misc Trans, 2SC4671-AN $2.20 C5
E360-040 IC 2SD1310M $4.40 C5
E379-035 Misc Trans, 2SD794 $6.60 C5
E390-100 IC HA13408 $24.20 C5
E390-110 IC M5231TL $5.50 C5
E390-120 IC STA403A $14.30 C5
E390-140 IC STA301 $11.00 C5
E390-200 IC MAT-001A $27.50 C5
E390-220 IDP3111 IC Driver $12.10 C5
E390-370 Misc Trans, M54567P Array $9.90 C5
E4000-0315 PPU231 Sensor, paper end $58.30 C5
E4000-960 CBM231 Switch Panel Assy $20.90 C5
E4000-970 CBM231 Paper holder Assy $25.30 C5
E4001-815 IDP3540 Transformer Power $46.20 C5
E4001-940 IDP355X Transformer 230v $41.80 C5
E4101-720 IDP3221 DC-DC Controller $30.80 C5
E5049-030 IDP3221 Button LF, IDP3210 $6.60 C5
E5102-450 IDP35XX Keyswitch SKHHNH $3.30 C5
E5200-100 IDP35XX Panel Overlay $5.50 C5
E6200-670 CBM291 Front Panel $8.80 C5
E62010360 IDP3540 Top Case $37.40 C5
E62010660 CBM231 Top Case $17.60 C5
E6202-0390 IDP3550 Bottom Case $27.50 C5
E62020420 CBM1000 Power case pack $34.10 C5
E6202-870 IDP3540 Bottom Case $34.10 C5
E62040160 CBM231 Printer cover AC $13.20 C5
E62040340 IDP3551 Top Printer Cover $22.00 C5
E62040340 IDP3551 Top Printer Cover $22.00 C5
E62040550 IDP3550 Top cover $20.90 C5
E62040590 CBM1000 Printer cover (beige) $23.10 C5
E6204-730 IDP3540 Printer Cover $22.00 C5
E6204-800 IDP3541 Printer Cover $16.50 C5
E6204-940 IDP3110 Paper cover $18.70 C5
E6220-130 IDP35XX Plastic Paper IDP CBM $7.70 C5
E6220-670 CBM1000 Tear Bar $4.40 C5
E6310-010 IDP35XX Rear Paper Cover $12.10 C5
E66000230 IDP3210 Print Head $117.70 C5
E66000270 IDP3221 Print Head $158.40 C5
E6601-320 IDP3210 Head Spring $5.50 C5
E6601-400 CBM1000 Partition Ivory $3.30 C5
E66201-060 IDP3550 Tob Cabinet Assy $22.00 C5
E70010680 CBM231 PCB Main Parrallel $390.50 C5
E7001-0990 CBM1000 PCB, Main parrallel $501.60 C5
E77001-495 IDP3221 PCB Main Serial $557.70 C5
E77001-505 IDP3221 PCB Main Parrallel $557.70 C5
E8000-140 IDP3210 Auto Cutter $86.90 C5
E8010-190 ACS231 Paper Leaf R $5.50 C5
E8017-010 AW2 Motor, AC2 24V $39.60 C5
E8017-011 CBM1000 Motor Stepping $47.30 C5
E8020-020 IDP3221 Gear Cutter 131, 132 $5.50 C5
E8022-090 CBM291 Paper Guide $4.40 C5
E8030-040 CBM231 Full Cut Blade AC130 $34.10 C5
E8030-100 IDP3221 Blade paper cutter mo $55.00 C5
E8040-010 IDP3210 Platten Assy $31.90 C5
E8040-030 IDP3221 Platen Assy $28.60 C5
E8530-040 IDP3221 Shaft reel $8.80 C5
E8531-010 AW2 Reel Flange $12.10 C5
E8531-030 IDP3221 Flange reel $5.50 C5
E8532-010 AW3 Reel Flange $6.60 C5
E8542-010 AW3 Cover $23.10 C5
KF2003-GD30C CBM1000 Print Head $104.50 C5
LT-282HA LT282HA Printer Mechanism $192.50 C5
LT-380 CBM231 Printer Mechanism $281.60 C5
MD910 IDP3110 Printer Mech Assy $101.20 C5
NF10201-0 IDP460 Worm Gear $3.30 C5
NF10202-0 IDP460 Gear Worm Drive $5.50 C5
NF16701-0 IDP460 Belt Timing $14.30 C5
NF22501-0 IDP342X Roller platen $5.50 C5
NF34102-0 IDP342X Ribbon mask $6.60 C5
PB202-01 CBM231 Gear 01 $4.40 C5
PB202-03 CBM231 Gear 03 $4.40 C5
PB202-05 CBM231 Gear 05 $4.40 C5
PB202-06 CBM231 Gear 06 $4.40 C5
PB28201-14 CBM231 Platen (LT380) $33.00 C5
T6005-02 IDP35XX Paper Pressure S.A. $13.20 C5
T6005-12 IDP35XX Paper Press.SA Spocke $20.90 C5
T6011-01 IDP35XX Paper feed Shaft BK $30.80 C5
T6030-01 IDP35XX Print Head S.A. $116.60 C5
T6115-01 IDP3550 White Plastic Roller $8.80 C5
T6116-01 IDP3550 Spring for White Plastic Roller $3.30 C5
T6184-01 IDP35XX Ribbon Mask $6.60 C5
T6192-01 IDP35XX Sprocket Knob $4.40 C5
T6193-012 IDP35XX Cable Prt Hd flat $33.00 C5