SENOR Miki Kiosk Stand

The SENOR MIKI Kiosk Stand is available in a stylish desktop version as well as a full floor mount variation with a appropriately sized weighted base for maximum stability. The 75mm and 100mm VESA mount pattern can easily accommodate upto a 22" screen, or full all in one POS terminal, with clever cable routing holes and channels, as well as suitable mounting options for a variety of peripherals.



Physical Characteristics
Weighted Base310mm(w) x 315mm (d)540mm(w) x 370mm (d)
Column160mm(w) x 160mm (d)160mm(w) x 160mm (d)
(Without Castors)

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] SENOR MIKI Kiosk Stand
MIKI-DT Senor Miki Kiosk Stand, Countertop, 310 (W) x 310 (D) x 537 (H) mm, 9.9 kg
MIKI-FS Senor Miki Kiosk Stand, Freestanding 540 (W) x 370 (D) x 1365 (H) mm, 18.5 k
[B] MIKI Kiosk Stand Accessories
MIKI-EFTPOS Senor Miki Kiosk Stand, EFTPOS terminal mount, with Spacepole multigrip $121.00 F
MIKI-IPAD129C Senor Miki Kiosk Stand, Enclosure/Case for iPad 12.9, 75 x 75 mm VESA $374.00 F
MIKI-PC Senor Miki Kiosk Stand, For Senor TP-228 printer only $33.00 F
TP-228USE TP-228-USE Senor TP228 POS Printer, 80 mm thermal paper, 260 mm/sec, auto-cutter, metal chassis, dual blade cutter, front/upward printing USB + Serial + Ethernet interface $352.00 F
KIOSK-CASTORS Kistor Castore, 4 x swivel lockable rubber castors, $209.00 F