RFT5000 Series e-Seal
RFID Container Seal

The UMD RFT5003 is an Electronic Seal (E-Seal), based on UHF EPC Gen2 RFID technology, is used to both secure and track containers.

The RFT5003 E-Seal is used in areas where long-range reading, anti-collision, multi-data reading, high speed identification and unique authentication ID functions are required. The seal also enables offline tamper verification.

The uniquely patented design of the E-Seal ensures that once the seal is applied to the container, it cannot be removed without destroying both the E-Seal and the ability to read the RFID data stored within it. Each E-Seal has a unique identification number and provision for additional EPC data to be stored. Thus any tampering of the seal becomes immediately apparent, as either the seal is missing, or if a new seal has been fitted, responds with an incorrect number. The use of UHF RFID technology enables automated seal reading via an appropriate reading portal (eg. when a container is passing a check point).

The RFT5003 E-Seal fully complies with ISO17712 high security standard for Mechanical Seal strength.

The RFT5003 E-Seal can be used for a various security seal applications such as regular containers, railroad cars, metallic pallets and in any other applications where traditional seals are used.

The E-Seals are available with custom barcodes, logos and colors (RFT5003).


  • Electronic Seal based on UHF EPC Gen 2 RFID Technology
  • Simple locking installation
  • Overall strength fully complies with ISO17712 high security standard (Freight Containers Mechanical Seals)
  • Single use only protection from tampering
  • Long read range
  • Superior performance on moving containers
  • RFID Chip based on Alien Higgs-4 (Monzq
  • 128 bits of EPC, 128 bits user memory & 64 bits unique serial no.
  • User memory can be locked or password protected
  • Supports Read, Write, Erase and Kill commands.
  • Broad operating temperature range
  • Low cost
  • Distributed and Supported by Unique Micro Design


Physical Characteristics
DimensionsCap: 60mm x 24mm
Bolt: 75mm x 10mm
Sealed: 115m x 24mm
WeightCap: 29g
Bolt: 31g
Total: 60g
StrengthAs per ISO 17712 high security standard (Freight Containers Mechanical Seals)
MaterialIron and Polyethylene
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-30C to +80C
RFID Characteristics
ChipAlien Higgs-4
Air Interface ProtocolISO 1800-6C (EPC C1G2)
Read FrequencyEPCglobal UHF (860-960MHz)
Read Distance6m (4W EIRP)
ReadabilityCan only be read when mechanical Pin engaged (locked)
Can not be read when pin is not engaged or cut (removed)
MemoryEPC: 96 - 128 bits
User: 128 bits
TID / UID / Serial No: 64 bits
Access Password: 32 bits Kill Password 32 bits
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] RFT5003 Series Barcode and Custom Logo
9-9850-030-8 RFT5003-WH RFID E-Seal (Higgs- 4) Barcode White body/pin $0.00 C
9-9850-031-5 RFT5003-BL RFID E-Seal (Higgs- 4) Barcode Blue body/pin $0.00 C
9-9850-032-2 RFT5003-YL RFID E-Seal (Higgs- 4) Barcode Yellow body/pin $0.00 C