UMD - MP3080
Battery Eliminator for HandHeld

The UMD MP3080 Battery Eliminator for Handheld is an alternative power supply option for the Handheld ALGIZ RT8 tablet, designed to be firmly mounted into the battery compartment, in place of the battery. The design request for this Eliminator solves a problem where the USB-C port becomes disabled and unusable by any peripheral device, when the tablet is powered and charging through the docks power supply.

The MP3080 is a printed circuit board that slides and locks into the battery compartment, replacing the battery, and providing power to the tablet at battery voltages. A power cable plugs into the Eliminator allowing the tablet to be powered directly through the battery contacts. This bypasses the USB-C port and therefore prevents the USB-C port from being disabled. The Eliminator's input power can either be supplied by a standard 5V USB-C cable, or by a terminal block type connector, for a wider voltage range.

The MP3080 is an example of what our engineering team can accomplish for you, in situations where you have a problem that cannot be solved by using standard accessories.

If you have a need the normal accessories for your product just don't meet, please contact the UMD Sales Team to discuss what we can do for you.


  • USB-C power input (compatible with the power supply supplied with tablet)
  • Alternatively, wide input voltage range via screw terminal plug
  • Input voltage to the battery contacts is regulated
  • Locks into place using the sliding lock in the battery compartment
  • LED to indicate output voltage is active
  • Cable tie mounting holes
  • 12 month Warranty


Assembled PCB 86 (w) x 118 (d) x 5.5 (h) mm
86 x 118 x 12.5 mm (with terminal block connector mounted)
Operating Temperature -20C to +60C(same as tablet specs)
Storage Temperature -40C to +70C(same as tablet specs)
Input Voltage 5V/DC with USB-C Cable 10%
6-30V/DC through terminal block connector
Output Voltage 3.9V/DC
Current 900 mA @ 5V/DC
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] MP3080 Battery Eliminator for Handheld ALGIZ RT8 tablet
Engineering support is available on this product including interfacing. Contact UMD Sales for details.