Milesight - UG63
LoRaWAN Lightweight Gateway

The Milesight UG63 LoRaWAN Lightweight Gateway is a robust 8-channel gateway designed for use in open or well built up environments to wirelessly connect IoT type devices in crowded spaces. With the simple lightweight LoraWAN protocol these devices enable the inter-connection of a variety of data collection devices, while maintaining a very low power level requirement.

Adopting SX1302 LoRa chip and high-performance quad-core CPU, the UG63 supports connection with more than 2000nodes. The UG63 has line of sight up to 15 km and can cover about 2km in an urbanized environment, which is ideally suited for offices, parking lots, campuses, hotels, exhibition centres and many other indoor areas. It is also suitable to provide coverage for indoor blind spots.

The UG63 supports back-haul backup with Ethernet and has integrated mainstream network servers, such as TTI and ChirpStack, as well as a built-in network server and Milesight IoT Cloud capability for easy deployment.


  • High performance NXP industrial processor
  • Equipped with the SX1302 chip, handling a higher amount of traffic with lower consumption
  • 8 half/full-duplex channels
  • Supports Listen Before Talk (LBT) for downlink
  • Desktop Wall or ceiling mounting support
  • Backhaul backup with Ethernet
  • DeviceHub and Milesight IoT Cloud provide easy and centralized management of remote devices
  • Enable security communication with multiple VPNs
  • Compatible with mainstream network servers
  • Detect and analyze the noise level and provide intuitive diagram for deployment
  • Built-in network server and MQTT/HTTP/HTTPSAPI for easily integration


Physical Characteristics
Height 115 mm
Width 115 mm
Depth 21 mm
mounting Desk, Wall or Ceiling Mounting
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -20C to 50C
Reduced Cellular Performance above 60C
Storage Temperature -40C to 85C
Humidity 0 - 95% (non-condensing) at 25C
Ingress Protection -
Ethernet Isolation 1.5 kV RMS
Power Input PoE-IN (802.3af), 5V DC in USB-C Port
CPU 528 MHz, ARM Cortex-A7
Storage 4GB eMMC
LoRaWAN 2 Internal Antennas
8 (Half/Full-duplex) Channels
CN470/IN865/EU868/RU864/US915/AU915/KR920/AS923-1&2&3&4 Frequency Bands
-140dBm Sensitivity @292bps Sensitivity
27dBm Max Output Power
V1.0 Class A/Class B/Class C and V1.0.2 Class A/Class B/Class C Protocols
Ethernet 1 RJ45 (PoE PD supported) 10/100/1000 Base-T (IEEE 802.3)
Console 1 USB-C
Direct User LED Indicators: SYS, LoRa,
Reset Button
Management Web, CLI, DeviceHub, Milesight IoT Cloud
Built-in Watchdog, RTC, Timer

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Milesight UG63 LoRaWAN Lightweight Gateway
UG63-915M UG63 Milesight LoRaWAN Puck Gateway, IP30, 8Ch Wifi, 1x100Mbps POE $418.00 C3