METALCraft NFC Tags are secure "Near Field Communication" Tags that allow 2-way communication when in close proximity between themselves and an appropriately configured reader.

Using NFC-enabled tags from Metalcraft in conjunction with an NFC-enabled cell phone, the power of the tag is truly in your hands. NFC is a wireless communication built on the principles of RFID which allows for additional security over "standard" RFID. In addition, NFC allows for the ability to have two-way communication between devices. The primary application is data exchange however the possibilities are virtually endless!

The following are some example of what can be programmed into METALCraft

  • vCard to import data into the address book
  • Bookmark URL to open a given web address
  • Plain text to display simple messages directly on the screen
  • SMS (SMS URI) to create a new message
  • Mail (Mail URI) to create a new mail message
  • Telephone number (TEL URI) to start a call
  • Bluetooth to pair and connect devices
  • Geo location to open a given destination
  • Each tag features a subsurface digital printing process which ensures crisp details on even the most complex logos for maximum clarity. Four color processing is available for limitless color and design options.


    • NFC-enabled tag/reader allows 2-way communication between devices
    • Using an NFC enabled Smartphone means no additional reader is required
    • ISO14443 Compatible
    • Made from flexible Polyester material
    • Digital Subsurface Printing process for the greatest design flexibility


    Physical Characteristics
    Dimensions51mm x 25.4mm
    Case Material.002" Polyester
    Environmental Characteristics
    Appropriate forMild and Moderate Conditions
    Chemical ResistanceResists moderate solvents and caustics/acids
    Communication Characteristics
    Operating Frequency13.56 MHz
    ProtocolISO 14443 Compatible
    Card Characteristics
    Write EnduranceMinimum 100,000 cycles
    Data retention10 Years
    PrintableCustom Sub-Surface 4 colour processing is available
    Ordering Information and Pricing
    Part Number Model Number Description RRP
    Inc GST
    [A] METALCraft NFC Tag
    9-9811-010-3 XRFIUL7046-1 Universal Mini UHF RFID Asset Tag 70x19mm - One color $43.45 H
    9-9811-011-5 XRFIUL7046-2 Universal Mini UHF RFID Asset Tag 70x19mm - Two colors $44.11 H
    9-9811-012-9 XRFIUL7046-3 Universal Mini UHF RFID Asset Tag 70x19mm - Three colors $44.88 H
    9-9811-013-7 XRFIUL7046-4 Universal Mini UHF RFID Asset Tag 70x19mm - Four Colors $45.54 H
    9-9811-020-7 XRFIUL1473-1 Universal UHF RFID Asset Tag 73x35mm - One color $43.45 H
    9-9811-021-4 XRFIUL1473-2 Universal UHF RFID Asset Tag 73x35mm - two color $44.11 H
    9-9811-022-1 XRFIUL1473-3 Universal UHF RFID Asset Tag 73x35mm - three color $44.88 H
    9-9811-023-3 XRFIUL1473-4 Universal UHF RFID Asset Tag 73x35mm - Four color $45.54 H