UMD - Model 319
Ethernet Cash Drawer Trigger Module - Interface Converter

The UMD Model 319 Ethernet Trigger Module has been designed to provide a computer independent cash drawer control solution for interfacing to either the UMD range of "base" or "solenoid" cash drawers, or alternatively allowing incorporation into a select number of drawers as an internal module. This allows cash drawers, previously attached to another device such as POS printers, cash registers, or POS terminals to be available to all local devices as a network resource.

The M319 Ethernet Trigger Module is normally set up to receive a TCP/IP port connection from a network client and will then trigger the opening of the drawer after receipt of a custom password, followed by the correct trigger code.

All standard POS printer drawer open commands are used to trigger the device and the ESC/POS status command is also available to read the drawer's open or closed condition.

UMD will pre-configure the custom IP Address and Password required on request


  • Ethernet Interface
  • Password protected
  • Auto Disconnect
  • Accepts All Standard POS Drawer-open Commands
  • 12 Months Warranty


 External ModuleInternal Module
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions80 (h) x 40 (w) x 25 (h) mm60 (h) x 200 (w) x 35 (d) mm
(h) & (w) are a panel on the rear of the drawer
(d) is inside the cash drawer
Weight65 grams120 grams
Cash DrawerRJ12 6 Pin Modular
Power(1)2.0mm DC Socket
Ethernet Port Configuration
Standard(2)Specified IP Address
Specified Custom Password
Auto Disconnect Timeout
Custom(2)Other custom configuration options available on request, including SSH, SSL, Tunnels, Virtual IP, PPP and others
Power Requirements150mA (max)
Output DriveMax. 24V @ 1A (10-36 ohm)
Repeat Rate5 - 7 sec.
DischargeGreen LED

(1) Power supply included with External Trigger Module.

(2) Many configuration options are available in the Ethernet module. Contact Sales at UMD for more details.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Model 319 External Ethernet Trigger Module (Ethernet Patch cable not included)
M319A1000 M319A-EXT UMD External Cash Drawer Trigger Module with Ethernet Interface, (inc Power Supply) $407.00 A
[B] Model 319 Internal Ethernet Trigger Module (OEM Part - Needs to be fitted into a drawer, cable not included)
M319A0000 M319A-INT UMD Internal Cash Drawer Trigger Module with Ethernet Interface, mounted on panel (inc external Power Supply) $330.00 A
[C] GC54 Cash Drawer with Internal Ethernet Trigger Module
9-0537-401-5 GC54B-E Cash Drawer Black with Ethernet Interface $583.00 U1
9-0537-402-8 GC54B-E-POE Cash Drawer Black with POE Ethernet Interface $649.00 U1
[D] Accessories
2-6073-005-7 CA6073-0.5 Modular Patch RJ45 - 0.5m (Blue) $3.30 A
2-6073-010-5 CA6073-1 Modular Patch RJ45 - 1m (Blue) $2.20 A
2-6073-020-1 CA6073-2 Modular Patch RJ45 - 2m (Blue) $4.40 A
2-6073-030-3 CA6073-3 Modular Patch RJ45 - 3 (Blue) $4.40 A
2-6073-050-1 CA6073-5 Modular Patch RJ45 - 5m (Blue) $5.50 A