UMD - Model 316
External Cash Drawer Trigger Module - Interface Converter

The UMD Model 316 External Trigger Modules are designed to provide RS232 serial interfacing to the UMD range of "base" or "solenoid" based cash drawers. This allows cash drawers, previously attached to POS printers and cash registers, to be connected directly to RS232 serial ports.

A plug pack power supply is used to power the device. Under certain circumstances the device can be used without the plug pack (power is derived from the RS232 serial port).

The interface module is designed to accept modular cash drawer connectors.

A string of characters sent to the RS232 port will "trigger" the cash drawer to "open".


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions80 (h) x 40 (w) x 25 (h) mm
Weight65 grams (including cable)
ComputerRS232 DB9 or
RS232 DB25
Cash DrawerRJ12 6 Pin Modular
Power RequirementsExternally powered with 12V/DC Plug Pack or
Serially powered on non-Windows machines
Suspend Mode500uA
Output DriveMax. 24V @ 1A (10-36 ohm)
Repeat Rate5 - 7 sec.
DischargeGreen LED
Warranty12 Months
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Self Powered Trigger Module (RS232)with Plug Pack
9-0316-110-5 M316P-D9 Cash Drawer Trigger Module with RS232 D9 and Plug Pack $132.00 U3
9-0316-111-2 M316P-D25 Cash Drawer Trigger Module with RS232 D25 and Plug Pack $132.00 U3
[B] Self Powered Trigger Module (RS232) without Plug Pack
9-0316-100-6 M316-D9 Cash Drawer Trigger Module with RS232 D9 Serial Powered $110.00 U3
9-0316-101-3 M316-D25 Cash Drawer Trigger Module with RS232 D25 Serial Powered $110.00 U3
[C] Cable Adapters & Accessories
2-5304-010-8 CA304-1 M125-B to Modular Conn $22.00 U1
[D] Documentation
6-0316-993-7 DOC-M316-UM User Manual