Laird Technologies - RJ45-ECS
Weatherproof Ethernet Connectors

The Laird Technologies RJ45-ECS Connector System is a field replaceable outdoor rated and shielded Ethernet connection system for high speed 10/100/1000BaseT networks. The System features a shielded RJ45 Receptacle, mounted in a UV protected housing and a mating cable gland which passes an RJ45 connector and seals the cable to IP67 requirements(RJ45-FT). This system provides for quick and easy disconnect and reconnect of equipment. Due to it's unique design and low cost the RJ45-ECS is a universal solution anywhere a sealed and waterproof, yet still removable, Ethernet connection is required.

The RJ45-FT (see left hand image) is the Cable Gland suitable for Ethernet Cable Insertion (i.e. Ethernet connector can pass through the hole) and ability to "seal" the Ethernet Cable to IP67.

The RJ45-ECS (see right hand image) is a complete kit comprising panel mount gland and embedded Ethernet cable and Sealable Cable Gland (RJ45-FT) uses to seal any external Ethernet cable.


  • Low cost design
  • Field replaceable waterproof connector system
  • UV Resistant Nylon 66
  • IP67 rated sealing
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Positive locking RJ45 Connector
  • 12" Cat5E strain relieved cable


Physical Characteristics
Overall Size95x30mm
Installation Hole20mm Diameter
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature Range-40C to +85C
Thermal Shock10cycles-40to+100degC
Salt Spray>1000h
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] RJ45 Ethernet Connector System IP67 (KIT -Includes Cable Gland and Internal Cable Assembly)
RJ45-ECS RJ45 Ethernet Connector System IP67 with 310mm (12) lead (includes RJ45-FT) $33.00 C4
[B] RJ45 Cable Gland Only IP67
RJ45-FT RJ45 Feed Thru Cable Gland IP67 (10 Pack) $66.00 C4
RJ45-FT-1 RJ45 Feed Thru Cable Gland IP67 (each) $11.00 C4