Intermec - PCX3 Series
Bar Code Printer

The Intermec PC Family of Barcode Label Printers is based on a purpose-built platform with innovative design guided from customer input provided over many years. Designed to set a new standard in user friendliness and flexibility, the compact Intermec PC23/PC43 provides an intuitive label printing solution. Available in 2” wide direct thermal and 4” wide direct thermal or thermal transfer, the PC series is perfect forspace-constrained settings. Low cost and fast operation make the PC series the smart choice for light duty labeling applications where users need reliable, easy to use printers.

The PC series was designed by users for quick set-up and trouble-free use, with the most placement options available, including wall mount and battery power, the printer adapts to its environment and fits right in. No longer are users required to decode a blinking LED to determine printer status. The PC series comes with either a universal Icon interface or color LCD for immediate notification, reducing training and support needs. One-hand drop-in media loading makes it highly intuitive. Best of all, the disinfectant resistant case means it’s made to last in your environment.


  • Easy to setup and use
  • Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer
  • Rugged attractive design, in a small footprint
  • USB Interface Standard
  • Optional Ethernet or Wifi with Bluetooth
  • Available in 203 or 300dpi
  • Prints on most label stock qualities
  • Easy to load clamshell design
  • Multiple Printer Language Support
  • Optional RFID Reader/Writer
  • 1 Year Return to Base Warranty


Physical Characteristics
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature5°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity10 to 80% (Non Condensing)
Disinfectant Resistant CaseYesYesNo
Power Characteristics
External Power Adaptor

100 to 240V AC, 1.5A, 50/60Hz
24V DC, 2.5A
Print Engine Characteristics
Print MethodDirect Thermal
Direct Thermal
Direct Thermal
Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution8 dots/mm(203dpi) or
12 dots/mm (300dpi)
8 dots/mm(203dpi) or
12 dots/mm (300dpi)
8 dots/mm(203dpi) or
12 dots/mm (300dpi)
Print SpeedUpto 200mm/sec @ 203 dpi
Upto 150mm/sec @ 300 dpi
Upto 200mm/sec @ 203 dpi
Upto 150mm/sec @ 300 dpi
Upto 200mm/sec @ 203 dpi
Upto 150mm/sec @ 300 dpi
Printable Width56 mm @ 203dpi
54 mm @ 300dpi
104 mm @ 203dpi
106 mm @ 300dpi
104 mm @ 203dpi
106 mm @ 300dpi
Printer Command LanguagesIPL,Fingerprint,ZSim(ZPLIISimulation),ESim(EPL2Simulation),DSim(DPLSimulation),XMLenabled(forSAP®AIIandOracle®WMS)
Printer Memory128MB Flash, 128MB RAM(DDR2)
(Upto 32GB with external USB Drive)
Barcode SupportAll major 1-dimensional bar code symbologies are available, plus 2-dimensional and composite codes:
Aztec,Code16K,Code49,DataMatrix,DotCode,EAN-8,EAN-13,EAN.UCC128,GridMatrix,HIBC39,HIBC128,MaxiCode,MSI(modifiedPlessey),PDF417, MicroPDF417,Planet,Plessey,Postnet,QR-Code, RSS-14(variations)
Media Specifications
Paper Width



Label Length

1727mm @ 203dpi; 900mm @ 300dpi
Roll Diameter127mm
Core Diameter25.4 to 38.1mm (1"to 1.5")
Ribbon CoreN/A N/A 12.7 mm ID (0.5") or
26 mm (1.0")
Ribbon lengthN/A N/A 91m (0.5" Core) or
300m (1.0" Core)
Ribbon Width
N/A N/A 110mm
StandardUSB 2.0 Device (Type B connector)
USB 2.0 Host (Type A connector)
OptionalUSB To Serial Adaptor
USB to Parallel Adaptor
Ethernet 10/100(Field Installable)
Wifi/Bluetooth (802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth V2.1, Field Installable)
RFID OptionHF ISO15693 (13.53MHz, Factory Installed)UHF EPC (900MHz, Factory Installed)UHF EPC (900MHz, Factory Installed)
User Interface2.36”VGALCD480x234resolution,8buttonsandready-to-workLED
Graphicalback-litIcons(coveropen,paperout, ribbon out (PC43t), general error, maintenance, pause, thermal printhead too hot, data status, wirelessstatus(ifinstalled),Bluetooth®status(ifinstalled),ready-to-workLEDandonePrint/Feedbutton
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] PC43d Direct Thermal Printer (need to order CA199 Power Cord)
4" Desktop Label/Barcode Printer - 203 dpi
4" Desktop Label/Barcode Printer - 300 dpi
User Installable Options
[B] PC43T Thermal Transfer Printer (need to order CA199 power cord)
4" Standard Desktop Label/Barcode Printer - 202 dpi
4" Standard Desktop Label/Barcode Printer - 300 dpi
[C] Options and Accessories
User Installable Options
Batteries and Chargers
[D] Cables
2-5199-020-0 CA199-2 IEC Power C13 to AU 3 pin Plug $8.80 A
2-6270-020-5 CA6270-2 USB 2.0 Cable A/B, Black - 2m $7.70 A
[E] Standard Take from Stock Labels
Direct Thermal Labels (1)
L100x150D0-CC400 L100x150D0 Label, 100x150mm, Direct Thermal/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 400 $19.25 A2
L100x100D0-CC400 L100x100D0 Label, 100x100mm, Direct Thermal/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 400 $16.50 A2
L100x50D0-CC1000 L100x50D0 Label, 100x50mm, Direct Thermal/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 1000 $15.62 A2
L100x25D0-CC2000 L100x25D0 Label, 100x25mm, Direct Thermal/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 2000 $18.37 A2
L55x25D0-CC2000 L55x25D0 Label, 55x25mm, Direct Thermal/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 2000 $8.25 A2
9-9651-010-1 L99X148DOC-C500 Label DT 99 X 148 mm C-Core 500 lab/roll Wound Out Permanent $39.60 A
9-9651-002-6 L102X102D0D-D625 Label DT 102 X 102 mm D-Core 625 lab/roll Wound In Permanent $44.00 A
9-9651-003-3 L56X25DOC-D2250 Label DT 56 X 25 mm D-Core 2250 lab/roll Permanent $24.20 A
9-9651-004-0 L61X50DOD-D1280 Label DT 61 X 50 mm D-Core 1280 lab/roll Permanent. Perf. $30.80 A
Thermal Transfer Labels (1)
L100x150T0-CC400 L100x150T0 Label, 100x150mm, Thermal Transfer/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 400 $19.25 A2
L100x100T0-CC400 L100x100T0 Label, 100x100mm, Thermal Transfer/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 38mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 400 $14.74 A2
L100x50T0-CK2500 L100x50T0 Label, 100x50mm, Thermal Transfer/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 76mm Core /213mm DMax, Roll 2500 $27.50 A2
L55x25T0-CC2000 L55x25T0 Label, 55x25mm, Thermal Transfer/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 2000 $14.74 A2
9-9641-001-2 L99X149T0C-D350 Label TT 99 x 149 mm D-Core 350 lab/roll Permanent $0.00 C
9-9641-002-9 L102X102T0A-D625 Label TT 102 x 102 mm D-Core 625 lab/roll Permanent $0.00 C
9-9641-003-6 L56X25T0A-D2250 Label TT 56 x 25 mm D-Core 2250 lab/roll Permanent $0.00 C
9-9641-004-3 L61X50T0B-D1280 Label TT 60 x 50 mm D-Core 1280 lab/roll Permanent Wound out NO Perforations $0.00 C
9-9641-005-0 L75X25T0A-D2000 Label TT 75 x 25 mm D-Core 2000 lab/roll Permanent $0.00 C
[F] Paper Rolls - Thermal
9-9114-506-3 PR114120DT/6 Paper Roll 114mm(w) x 120mm(d) with 38mmm core (D), Thermal (pk 6) $83.60 A4
[G] Thermal Transfer Ribbons - 1" core
Standard Ribbon: A general purpose smear resistant ribbon specifically engineered for use with coated papers and some synthetics.
11234012 R104x457W-TMX1407 ThermaMAX™ TMX1407 wax ribbon, 4.1-in, 104.1mm W x 274 L, ea $30.80 A6
Premium Ribbon: A smear reistant ribbon that provides more abrasion resistance and higher image quality when used with coated papers and synthetics.
12233111 TMX2200-80x274 ThermaMAX™ TMX2200 mid-range ribbon, 3.15-in, 80mm W x 274 L, 2ea $47.30 A6
Super Premium Ribbon: A resin-based ribbon that provides the highest of abrasion, moisture, temperature and chemical resistance when used with synthetic super premium labels. Not recommended for use with paper.
13634012 TMX3202-104x274 ThermaMAX™ TMX3202 resin ribbon, 4.1-in, 104.1mm W x 274 L, 2ea $148.50 A6
[H] Notes
The Intermec Industrial Ribbon range fits this printer
An extensive range of off-the-shelf and custom labels are available.
[I] Spare Parts
User Replaceable
Printheads - NOT user replaceable
225-783-001 HONEYWELL PRINTHEAD PC43/PD43 203DPI $308.00 C3
Standard Stock Labels
Custom Labels (Note UMD Corce Size Code = C or D)
Cleaning Products