RFID - Transponder - UHF
IT32A Gen 2 ID Card

The IT32A, Intermec Technologies version of an RFID UHF identiication card, offers broader applicability than its predecessor with EPC Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C air interface protocol, and both FCC (915 MHz) coniguration. It also provides a longer read range than most RFID card form factors. While the IT32A ID card is primarily intended for use as an identiication badge for long range ingress / egress monitoring, its longer read range and durable packaging make it the ideal RFID tag for a variety of other applications.


  • Ideal for a variety of applications requiring encapsulated inlays
  • Longer range than most RFID card form factors
  • Superior performance on multiple surfaces
  • Reusable for lower cost per use
  • Optional magnetic stripe
  • FCC 915 MHz coniguration


Supported Standard (IC Protocol)EPC Global Gen 2/ISO 18000-6C
Resonance Frequency902 - 928 MHz
Memory96 bits Read/Write
Dimensions 54mm (wide) x 85.7mm (long) x 0.8mm (thick)
Operating Temperature -10C to +50C
Storage Temperature (Recommended)-40C to +35C (at 30 - 60% Relative Humidity)
Data Retention10 years for eash write cycle upto 1,000 cycles, 1 year for each cycle upto 100,000 cycles
Ordering Information and Pricing
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[A] Intermec IT32A Gen 2 ID Card