Infinitee Software Application Platform

Infinitee software

By providing real time information, the Infinitee Software Application Platform (ISAP) improves operational efficiency and assists Organisation transform into an integrated digital businesses.

Infinitee Software achieves this by utilising cloud based applications that integrate business functions and physical systems.

Infinitee Software is based on a single platform and messaging bus, for inter-module communications, which enables an “infinite” number of extensible applications and variations to be delivered.

Software Architecture

There are a number of key architectural design elements which provide the core flexibility to Infinitee Software:

  • Database Extensions: if there is a requirement to add new data elements to the systems database, the database is extended for all applications, ensuring backwards compatibility.
  • Software Extensions: similarly, software modules are extended where possible, and if needed, new modules added
  • Messaging Bus: all software communicates via a messaging bus, which enables any combinations of modules to be combined (given all the data dependencies are included)

Application Areas

Infinintee Software can be divided into three main application areas

  • Enterprise Software - A fully integrated system for Business to manage and operate a business manufacturing and logistic operations, including integrated accounting.
  • Middleware Software - used to provide additional inventory or asset visibility beyond the capabilities of the Business’s existing Enterprise Software (ERP).
  • Business Support Software - specific Business software applications (eg. Asset Management, Payroll) to fulfil specific business needs.

Infinitee Solution Stack

Core Functionality: required to configure and operate Infinitee

Modules: are selected, configured and if required, enhanced, to meet application needs

Infinitee Connection Environment: enables the exchange and control of external data and device sources.
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Application Plaform
ISAP - Capital set up
AP-ISAP-CONF-CPX ISAP Application Platform, System Configuration, Total P
AP-ISAP-DEV-CPH ISAP Application Platform, Software Development, Per Hr P
AP-ISAP-DEV-CPD ISAP Application Platform, Software Development, Per Day P
AP-ISAP-DEV-CLX ISAP Application Platform, Software Development, Total P
ISAP - Subscriptions
AP-ISAP-SAAS-SXM ISAP Solution, Subscription, Total, Monthly S
AP-ISAP-SAAS-SCM ISAP Solution, Subscription, Cloud, Monthly S
AP-ISAP-SAAS-SUM ISAP Solution, Subscription, Per User Per Month S
AP-ISAP-SAAS-SDM ISAP Solution, Subscription, Per Device Per Month S
ISAP - Transactions
AP-ISAP-TRAN-TXM ISAP Solution, Total Transaction Per Month T
AP-ISAP-PAYM-TPM ISAP Solution, Per Payment Transaction Per Month T
AP-ISAP-TICK-TTM ISAP Solution, Per Ticket Transaction Per Month T
AP-ISAP-ASST-TAM ISAP Solution, Per Asset Per Month T
AP-ISAP-VRED-TRM ISAP Solution, Per Redemption Per Month T
[B] Solution Platform - Generic Billing codes
Capital - Setup
SP-ISAP-CLX ISAP Solution, System Configuration, Total P
SP-ISAP-CPX ISAP Solution, System Configuration, Total P
SP-ISAP-SCM ISAP Solution Platform, SaaS Subscription per month S
SP-ISAP-SUM ISAP Solution Platform, Per User Per Month Subscription S
SP-ISAP-SDM ISAP Solution Platform, Per Device Per Month Subscription S