IA33E RAM Mount Antenna Mounting Kit

This Mounting Bracket Kit is for the IA33E RFID Antenna and consists of a custom laser cut mounting plate that bolts to the IA33E Antenna and also has a RAM-B-202 ball mounting base attached. The RAM Mounting Mounting hardware provides flexible mounting options as it can use any of the standard RAM-B Mount accessories available.

The design of the mounting plate has been engineered to allow the heaviest antenna cable to be used and still allow for the full range of movement for positioning.

This Mounting plate can be customized to suit alternative attachment options on request and is part of the UMD Range of Custom Mounting Plates.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] IA33E Antenna Mounting Kit (Plate and RAM-B Ball only)
4-0150-011-5 IA33E-MNT-KIT-1 IA33E Antenna Mounting Kit $154.00 U
[B] IA33E Antanna Mounting Plate Only (with out RAM-B Ball)
4-0150-010-2 IA33E Antenna Plastic Mounting Plate $44.00 U
[C] Matching RAM Mount
Mounting Base (Ball)
RAM-B-202U 25mm (1) Small Ball and Base $18.70 C3
Mounting ARM
RAM-B-201U Double Socket Arm B Size $31.90 C3
RAM-B-201U-A Short Double Socket Arm B Size $27.50 C3
RAM-B-201U-C Long Double Socket Arm B Size $46.20 C3
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