Honeywell - PC42
Printer - Bar Code/Label

The Honeywell PC42t desktop printer sets new standards for user-friendliness and affordability. Exceptionally compact and easy to use, this printer is simple to install and is ready to print quickly. Quiet, reliable operation and intuitive design make the PC42t the right fit for light-duty labeling applications in a variety of industries.

Available in either 12.7 mm (½ in) or 25.4 mm (1 in) ribbon core configurations, the PC42t supports media as wide as 110 mm (4.3 in) and fits right into existing printing environments. The 25.4 mm configuration is compatible with ribbon lengths up to 300 m (984 ft)—more than four times the length of competitive offerings. With support for longer ribbons, downtime is reduced and ribbons can be shared with larger printers to provide increased media flexibility.

The PC42t includes broad, industry standard connectivity. Up to four ports are built-in: standard USB device and USB host, plus serial and Ethernet. With a user-installable USB-to-parallel cable, the PC42t easily drops into virtually any environment. With its common media specifications and support for ZPL II® and EPL emulation, along with Honeywell’s popular Direct Protocol (DP), the PC42t provides an easy upgrade path from a variety of legacy Intermec and competitive printers.

With its affordable price and modern features, the PC42t represents a smart solution for the small or medium business looking to improve productivity in label making operations.

Economical to purchase and use, the PC42t is also a great choice for those looking to deploy thermal label printing for the first time, or for those transitioning away from more expensive inkjet- or laser-based label printing methods.


  • Economical Light Duty Label Printer
  • Industry Standard USB, Serial and Ethernet Ports
  • Direct Protocol, ZSIM and ESIM Program Support
  • Supports a Wide Range of Media
  • User replaceable Printhead and Platen Roller
  • 12 Months Warranty with Extended Maintenance Contract Options


Physical Characteristics
297 mm
177 mm
226 mm
2.5 kg
Print Speed
101.5 mm/sec
User Interface
Fully configurable via Ethernet Web Service
Media Specifications
Media Width
25.4 mm to 110 mm
Label Length
Min 9.6 mm
Label Roll Diameter (maximum)
127 mm
Core Diameter
25 mm or 38 mm
Ribbon Support
Coated Side Out
Ribbon Size
Diameter: 68 mm Max.
Width: 25.4 mm to 109.2 mm
Ribbon Core Options
25.4 mm or 12.7 mm
(Factory Option)
Ribbon Length
25.4mm Core: 300m
12.7 mm Core: 75m
Print Specifications
Width (maximum)
104.1 mm
Print Resolution
8 dots/mm (203 dpi)
2.5A Max.
64 MB Flash, 64 MB SDRAM
Up to 32 GB (via User USB Thumbdrive)
Fonts, Graphics & Bar Codes
Bar Codes
All Major 1D, 2D, & Composite Symbologies
Native Graphic Formats
1-bit BMP, GIF, PCX, PNG
Character Sets
: English & Extended Latin, Arabic, Baltic & Baltic Rim, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, & more with Monotype™ Universal Font Scaling Technology (UFST) & WorldType Layout Engine (WTLE)
Resident Fonts
Andale Mono, Andale Mono Bold, CG Triumvirate Condensed Bold, OCR A, OCR B, Univers, Univers Bold
Optional Fonts
Support for TrueType and TrueType-based OpenType Fonts, User-Downloadable Fonts
USB Device, USB Host, RS232, Ethernet
Centronics (Via Adaptor Cables)

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Intermec PC42 Printer
Thermal Transfer
Direct Thermal
Power Cable
2-5199-020-0 CA199-2 IEC Power C13 to AU 3 pin Plug $8.80 A
[B] Standard Take from Stock Labels
Direct Thermal Labels (1)
L100x150D0-CC400 L100x150D0 Label, 100x150mm, Direct Thermal/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 400 $19.25 A2
L100x100D0-CC400 L100x100D0 Label, 100x100mm, Direct Thermal/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 400 $16.50 A2
L100x50D0-CC1000 L100x50D0 Label, 100x50mm, Direct Thermal/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 1000 $15.62 A2
L100x25D0-CC2000 L100x25D0 Label, 100x25mm, Direct Thermal/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 2000 $18.37 A2
L55x25D0-CC2000 L55x25D0 Label, 55x25mm, Direct Thermal/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 2000 $8.25 A2
9-9651-010-1 L99X148DOC-C500 Label DT 99 X 148 mm C-Core 500 lab/roll Wound Out Permanent $39.60 A
9-9651-002-6 L102X102D0D-D625 Label DT 102 X 102 mm D-Core 625 lab/roll Wound In Permanent $44.00 A
9-9651-003-3 L56X25DOC-D2250 Label DT 56 X 25 mm D-Core 2250 lab/roll Permanent $24.20 A
9-9651-004-0 L61X50DOD-D1280 Label DT 61 X 50 mm D-Core 1280 lab/roll Permanent. Perf. $30.80 A
Direct Thermal Labels for UMD Visitor Management System
Thermal Transfer Labels (1)
L100x150T0-CC400 L100x150T0 Label, 100x150mm, Thermal Transfer/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 400 $19.25 A2
L100x100T0-CC400 L100x100T0 Label, 100x100mm, Thermal Transfer/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 38mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 400 $14.74 A2
L100x50T0-CK2500 L100x50T0 Label, 100x50mm, Thermal Transfer/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 76mm Core /213mm DMax, Roll 2500 $27.50 A2
L55x25T0-CC2000 L55x25T0 Label, 55x25mm, Thermal Transfer/Permanant, Wound Out/Perf, 25mm Core /125mm DMax, Roll 2000 $14.74 A2
9-9641-001-2 L99X149T0C-D350 Label TT 99 x 149 mm D-Core 350 lab/roll Permanent $0.00 C
9-9641-002-9 L102X102T0A-D625 Label TT 102 x 102 mm D-Core 625 lab/roll Permanent $0.00 C
9-9641-003-6 L56X25T0A-D2250 Label TT 56 x 25 mm D-Core 2250 lab/roll Permanent $0.00 C
9-9641-004-3 L61X50T0B-D1280 Label TT 60 x 50 mm D-Core 1280 lab/roll Permanent Wound out NO Perforations $0.00 C
9-9641-005-0 L75X25T0A-D2000 Label TT 75 x 25 mm D-Core 2000 lab/roll Permanent $0.00 C
[C] Thermal Transfer Ribbons - 1" core (Pricing for single rolls, Box qty shown for reference)
Standard Ribbon: A general purpose smear resistant ribbon specifically engineered for use with coated papers and some synthetics.
11234012 R104x457W-TMX1407 ThermaMAX™ TMX1407 wax ribbon, 4.1-in, 104.1mm W x 274 L, ea $30.80 A6
Premium Ribbon: A smear reistant ribbon that provides more abrasion resistance and higher image quality when used with coated papers and synthetics.
12232311 TMX2200-60x274 ThermaMAX™ TMX2200 mid-range ribbon, 2.362-in, 60mm W x 274 L, 2ea $35.20 A6
12233111 TMX2200-80x274 ThermaMAX™ TMX2200 mid-range ribbon, 3.15-in, 80mm W x 274 L, 2ea $47.30 A6
Super Premium Ribbon: A resin-based ribbon that provides the highest of abrasion, moisture, temperature and chemical resistance when used with synthetic super premium labels. Not recommended for use with paper.
13634012 TMX3202-104x274 ThermaMAX™ TMX3202 resin ribbon, 4.1-in, 104.1mm W x 274 L, 2ea $148.50 A6
[D] Replacement Parts
[E] Notes
The Intermec Industrial Ribbon range fits this printer
An extensive range of off-the-shelf and custom labels are available.
Standard Stock Labels
Custom Labels (Note UMD Corce Size Code = C or D)
Cleaning Products