HID Vizinex - Sentry Cable

Vizinex RFID’s Sentry line of high-performance, cost-effective, and application-specific RFID tags are based on a printed circuit board platform. This well-established manufacturing process offers unsurpassed reliability and consistency in read range performance. At the core of the tag is a fiber-reinforced composite material that gives the Sentry tag its innate ruggedness. The innovative, patented tag design enables fast prototyping and affordable customization - essential to the expanding requirements of the RFID industry.

Improvements in RF chip design and Vizinex’s expertise at matching the new chips to highly efficient antennae, is improving the performance and reducing and cost of RFID. The Sentry Cable is the third generation of Vizinex’s highly successful tag for tracking cable assemblies. The new generation is exactly the same package as its predecessor but packs 25% more read range with no increase in cost.

The Sentry Cable tag has a low profile, just 2.8mm tall and a relatively small footprint of 36mm x 11mm. Despite this small package, it provides a read range of 18-20’ when mounted on insulated metal. Like it’s predecessor, the cable tag fits perfectly in Vizinex’s line of tag holders, deployed by many companies that use large, expensive cable assemblies. The additional read range of the new generation product will provide more reliable reads and more complete reads even when cables are piled together for transport.


  • Read distances of 18-20’ feet when mounted on insulated metal
  • Modest footprint
  • Tolerant of repeated exposure to high temperatures, vibration and impact
  • Mount on insulated metal


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 36.3 mm × 10.9 mm × 2.8 mm
Weight 1.6g
Housing Material Black GRP(other colours on request)
Mounting Options High-performance, acrylic adhesive, site applied epoxy, Vizinex cable tag holder
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature -50°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature -50°C to +185°C
Ingress Protection IP68
Communication Characteristics
Operating Frequency 902 MHz - 928 MHz
Chip Type Impinj m750
Read Distance Upto 6 meters
Chip Features
Memory 32 bit user memory, 96 bit EPC

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Step 1 - Order Sentry Cable - RFID Tag (does not include Holder)
AST1-163-0300 Sentry Cable RFID Tag, M750, 36.3x10.9x2.8mm $7.04 A6
[B] Step 2 - Order Sentry Cable - Holder to match Cable Size (does not include RFID Tag)
VIZH300 Sentry Cable Tag Holder (Black) 0.30 (7.62 mm) OD max $5.50 A6
VIZH430 Sentry Cable Tag Holder (Black) 0.43 (10.9 mm) OD max $5.72 A6
VIZH540 Sentry Cable Tag Holder (Black) 0.54 (13.7 mm) OD max $8.36 A6
VIZH700 Sentry Cable Tag Holder (Black) 0.70 (17.8 mm) OD max $10.45 A6
VIZH800 Sentry Cable Tag Holder (Black) 0.88 (22.3 mm) OD max $10.45 A6
VIZH1100 Sentry Cable Tag Holder (Black) 1.1 (27.9 mm) OD max $19.47 A6
VIZH1312 Sentry Cable Tag Holder (Black) 1.325 (33.6 mm) OD max $18.04 A6