HID - LinTag Laundry

The HID Global LinTag transponders have been designed to apply securely and discreetly to textiles, enabling RFID tracking of high-volume, commercially laundered bed linens, towels and garments.

In contrast to garments like uniforms, linen like bed sheets or towels are washed more frequently and have to endure a tougher cleaning and drying process. Historically, this made using RFID to optimize inventory and accounting processes difficult or impossible to implement for linen. HIDGlobals LinTag robust design combats the industrial wash cycles for linens, withstanding the rigors of repeated washings, cleaning chemicals, sterilizing heat, and pressure. The patented design securely positions the inner chip relative to the antenna, which guarantees consistent performance over the life of the tag.

Encased in highly durable cotton-polyester fabric, LinTag units allow inconspicuous RFID tag placement into textiles. LinTag heat-seal tags attach effortlessly via heat-transfer adhesive. LinTag Stitch tags allow them to be directly stitched onto or seamed into fabric without the need for an extra pouch or cover saving time and costs for application. LinTag Embed tags can be sewn into a small hem or pocket to accommodate existing processes.

Industrial laundries and commercial cleaners are using RFID technology to improve inventory control, reduce labour requirements, and optimize the lifecycle management of individual textiles andgarments. Real-time traceability delivers more accurate and timely billing, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Healthcare organizations are also tagging linens and gowns to monitor usage and inventories, automate distribution, and reduce shrinkage and staffing needs, relying on LinTag transponders to survive repeated cleaning and sterilization processes.

UHF LinTag's deliver 128 bit EPC, anti-collision functionality, fast data rate communication and read ranges of up to 10 ft (3 m).


  • UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C, 128 bit EPC
  • Efficient application via hem, stitch or heat-seal adhesive
  • Patented design ensures reliable performance over tag life
  • High water, chemical, heat and pressure resistance
  • Withstands up to 300 commercial washing cycles
  • Fabric housing masks and protects RFID chip and antenna


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 48 mm 16 mm x 1.7mm48 mm 22 mm x 1.7mm48 mm 16 mm x 1.7mm
Weight 1.0g
Housing Material Cotton and Polyester
Colour White
Mounting Method Sew into hem or pouchStitch onto fabricHeat-seal
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature -40C to +85C
Storage Temperature -40C to +85C
Peak Temperature +120C - 100 hours
Shock/Fatigue 20 to 160 C (200x5 min with 30 sec. transition)
Ingress Protection Withstands Exposure to water and all chemicals common to commercial laundry and dry cleaning
Wash Cycles Up to 300 commercial wash cycles
Ironing 220C (20 bars, 10 times, 10 sec.)
(Thin tissue between iron and tag)
Washing 90C, 15 minutes
Drying 120C, 20 minutes
Tunnel Finisher 185C, 15 minutes
Vibration IEC 68.2.6 (10 g, 10 to 2000 Hz, 3 axis, 2.5 h)
Shock IEC 68.2.29 (40 g, 18 ms, 6 axis, 2000 times)
Impact IEC 62262-IK08
Axial/Radial Force 1000N (10 sec.)
Bending/Twisting Bending (500 times 10 mm radius), twisting (500 times 180)
Extractor Press 60 bar
Communication Characteristics
Operating Frequency 915 MHz
Read Distance Up to 3 m
Chip Features
Memory 128 bit EPC, 64 bit TID
Anti Collision Yes
Standards UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-6C
Warranty 36 Months
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] HID - LinTag Laundry Tags
9-9860-210-3 6B6994 LinTag UHF - Embed Version (G2IL) $2.31 A
9-9860-211-7 6B6996 LinTag UHF - Stitch Version (G2IL) $2.31 A
9-9860-212-6 6B6998 LinTag UHF - Patch Version (G2IL) $2.31 A