HID - InLine Ultra Series
Robust UHF RFID Asset & Logistics Tag

HID Globals InLine Ultra UHF Tags feature a passive contactless transponder designed to communicate with a reader via radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. With up to a 7 meter read range, both on conductive (metallic) or non-conductive materials, the InLine Ultra products are a viable alternative to active technology. The rugged, shock and impact resistant housing is truly waterproof and provides high resistance to aggressive liquids and excellent stability over fluctuating temperatures, protecting the transponder within. Easily mounted on metal, plastic or wood using standard M5 screws or welding (InLine Ultra Plus or Curve), the tags patent pending 3D antenna design delivers a great read range performance in dependent of tag orientation.

The InLine Ultra UHF Tag is well-suited for all applications in logistics (pallet and container tracking), waste management, repair, as well as asset identification. The rounded bottom of InLine Ultra Curve makes it ideal to use on metallic kegs or gas bottles. InLine Ultra tags represent the state of the art in modern UHF technology, they cover worldwide frequency range with excellent read range while at the same time maintain a compact, ruggedized housing. Featuring 512 bits user memory and 128 bits EPC number, the tag offers anti-collision functionality, fast data rate communication, and a password / hidable memory for data protection. Additionally, InLine Ultra is compliant with EPCglobal-certified UHF Gen 2 readers and modules.


  • Designed for outdoor use and strong impact resistance
  • Worldwide frequency coverage (EU, US, JP) in a single tag
  • Ideal for metal and non-metal applications
  • 3D antenna design for optimum performance independent of tag orientation
  • Up to 7 meters read range without line of sight being necessary
  • Read/Write capability including optional private or hidden data areas


ProductInLine Ultra
InLine Ultra Plus
InLine Ultra Curve
InLine Ultra Slim
InLine Ultra Slim Plus
InLine Ultra Mini
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions97 mm x 27mm x 15mm105 mm x 35mm x 15mm88 mm x 37mm x 14.5mm
Curve Radius 4.5m
97 mm x 27mm x 10mm105 mm x 35mm x 10mm60 mm x 18mm x 8mm
Case MaterialPC/ABS High ImpactPC/ABS High Impact
Stainless Steel Ring
PC/ABS High Impact
Stainless Steel Ring
PC/ABS High ImpactPC/ABS High Impact
Stainless Steel Ring
PC/ABS High Impact
ColourPantone Blue 287CGrey
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-30- 80C
Storage Temperature-40- 80C (Upto 1000 hours)
Ingress ProtectionIP68 (20C, Water Immersion for 24 Hours to 1m)
Humidity80% at 70C for 100 hours
Chemical ResistanceSalt Mist, Petroleum, Mineral & Vegetable Oils for 100 hours at 20C
Mechanical ResistanceVibration: IEC 68.2.6 (10g, 102000Hz, 3 axis, 2.5h)
Shock: IEC 68.2.29 (40g, 18ms, 6 axis, 2000 times)
Impact: IEC 62262-IK09/IK08/IK07
Axial/Radial Force: 1000 N - 10 sec.
Shock/Fatigue Temperature: -40 to +90 C (100x1 5 min. with 20sec. transposition)
Communication Characteristics
Operating Frequency902 MHz - 928 MHz
Chip TypeMonza 4QT - 128 bit EPC, 512 bit user memoryMonza R6 - 96 bit EPC
Read Distance
On metal, plastic or wood
(2W ERP, free space)
Up to 8 mUp to 5 mUp to 8 mUp to 3 m

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] HID - InLine Ultra Series (Standard stock Line)
6A7980 HID InLine Ultra, UHF M4QT, Blue $7.92 A6
6A7980-202 HID InLine Ultra, UHF M4QT, High Performance Adhesive $9.90 A6
6M6980-102 HID InLine Ultra, UHF M730, Gray, 15mm Height, screw holes, MOA $7.37 A6
6A7983 HID InLine Ultra Slim 10m, UHF MQ4T, Gray MoM (no logo) $0.00 A6
6A7984 RFID UHF inLine Ultra Slim Plu (with SS Ring) $8.03 A6
6F1987-102 HID InLine Ultra Mini, UHF MR6-P, Gray, screw holes, MOA $6.16 A6
Other tags available on request